Why single liquid milk packaging bag sterilization under 100 ℃, 30 min, torn bags?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
100 ℃ high temperature cooking bags, 30 min must vacuum packaging, otherwise, the air pouch as the cooking temperature rises, the gas lift a substantial increase, the pressure in the high temperature cooking bags into ten times more improved, plastic pouch is not under high pressure, of course will be torn bags. In general, this kind of simple high temperature cooking bags, milk bags for when sterilization under 85 ℃, 30 min, called pasteurization, then the plastic sheets using hydrogen peroxide or sterile room after hydrogen peroxide + ultraviolet sterilization in aseptic packaging is better. This kind of pasteurized milk can only be sold under shallow cold 1 ~ 2 days, time shoulds not be too long. Because pasteurization only eliminate pathogenic bacteria, mold and yeast in the milk is abundant, room temperature will reproduce and make the milk go bad.
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