Why do aluminum foil bags leak?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Generally speaking, the main aluminum pouch is in order to extend the shelf life of product, but the aluminum foil pouch leakage is a very headache problem, let's together to have a look at why the aluminum foil bag leakage.

1 cause of aluminum foil bag leak, aluminum foil bags of irregular shape, are susceptible to damage of the outside world things.

the cause of aluminum foil bag leak 2, quality is uneven, uneven thickness, makes the aluminum foil bags are highly susceptible to damage and cause leakage.

the cause of aluminum foil bag leak 3, when the customized extraction, time is too long cause excessive extraction, cause damage to the aluminum foil bag.

the cause of aluminum foil bag flat 4, aluminum foil bag because of improper tensile, protruding part of the hole, cause air leakage.

the cause of aluminum foil bag leakage, in the course of carriage, aluminum foil bag extrusion folding is too long, cause air leakage.

the above is the main cause of lead to aluminum foil pouch leakage. Bags, food bags
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