When different packaging design which need pay attention to those points?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

we often see some strange looking bags on the market, actually is designer. Special-shaped bag design we often need to pay attention to the point, we can have a look at the

1. Bags on the edge of the shape change

because it is flexible packaging bags, packaging bags should not be the outside edge of the use Angle, avoid pile puncture when other packaging, or damage to the user.

2. Changes within the capacity of

after ordinary bags change into different bags, its capacity is bound to have some change, therefore, need to redesign the size of the bag.

3. Encapsulated way the influence of the

if abnormity pouch adopts automatic sealing equipment for sealing, in order to facilitate the smooth progress of production, for different bag opening direction and sealing position has certain requirements, this is also need to consider a bit

after considering these factors, combined with elegant design, a successful shaped flexible packaging bags was born.

then we according to different forms of special-shaped pouch, mainly divided into the concentrated form

1. Normal special-shaped bag

this type of special-shaped bag is often seen, common special-shaped bag

2. With mouth abnormity bag

and the role of the mouth is convenient and contents of dumping, and add the mouth after the product can be resealed, means that can be used repeatedly unsealed. The special-shaped aluminum foil bag is suitable for the liquid beverage, shower gel, shampoo, tomato sauce, cooking oil and other liquids, or need multiple submissions of the use of other liquid products.

3. Imitation mouth abnormity bag

the characteristics of this kind of packing bag, packing design not plus in the mouth, but using different pouch production features to produce a similar to the mouth of the bag type, convenient access. The design is suitable for the liquid supplement, were unable to seal because it once was opened, the applicable products and alien self-supporting bag mouth applicable products are basically identical.

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