what you need to know about direct to garment printing

by:Huihua     2020-02-24
Shirt with print
You can see it everywhere.
From designer brands to smaller unknown brands.
They are so common that seeing someone with no printed shirts together will make you turn your head around.
Our eyes no longer adapt to a single pattern of things, but to the diversity it sees every day.
Shirt printing is usually done by using a print screen.
Silk sheets tied to wooden borders with design and paint are run over and produce the final result.
However, this is a tedious task, and due to the rising cost of screen printing, it is only suitable for high volume printing.
Directly into the era of digital printing clothing also known as DTG.
If you can imagine that your desktop printer can print out many pages in a few minutes, then just translate it into a slightly larger machine and then spray out the printed shirt on the printed shirt.
Why is there a lot of serious allowances for getting a machine like this.
First of all, it is no longer a silk screen.
The design itself has been sent digitally from the computer to the machine.
So you can print 5 shirts one by one with different designs and colors.
Another reason is that the turnaround time is much lower than the traditional screen printing.
Since there is no need to make and check any screens before mass printing, the time saved during this period is more valuable than the cost of the shirt.
After receiving the image to be printed and having the appropriate instructions and dimensions, the print can start immediately.
Although printing began to occupy the market some time after 2007, it has made millions of dollars since then.
With the help of the internet, customers can now order a custom printed shirt at roughly the same price as a traditional silk mesh printed shirt.
In some cases, they are even cheaper, except for the packaging and transportation phases, due to automation and lack of manual intervention.
As the digital age advances, we can expect that shirts printed in this way will cost less over time.
While these are quite expensive to go directly to the garment printing press itself (
From under $10,000 to over $300,000)
With easy-to-get volume and fast, accurate, crease-free printing, the initial investment of these machines can be recovered quickly.
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