What you don't know in the food packaging material type

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Food packaging materials application type, mainly is divided according to the functional requirements, in order to ensure food safety packaging materials must be chemically stable, non-toxic, tasteless, such as features, in addition, consider the nutrients, flavor, shelf life of food. Such as custom food packaging requirements of high air tightness, high barrier property, high shading sex. Fat foods require high resistance to itch and prevent oily. Such as nuts, dried fruit products must have a high resistance to wet, aromatic food requirements Gao Baoxiang resistance, fresh fruit and vegetable products require high transparency and high permeability. Rice packaging needs to have high tensile strength, tear resistance, resistance to impact strength. High temperature cooking packaging of products must have a high thermal stability. On this basis, we also developed some new type of functional material, composite bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic bags

a, new high barrier packaging materials
the commonly used high barrier packaging materials have the aluminum foil ( AL) , nylon ( PA) , polyester ( PET) Polyvinylidene chloride ( PVDC) And so on. With the improvement of food on protective requirements, high barrier plastic packaging material has been widely used in foreign countries, the use of high barrier property of plastic can not only improve the protection of food, and when the same amount of food packaging can reduce the dosage of the plastic. For high barrier property protection of processed foods, and custom packaging, inflatable packaging, etc. , are generally want to use high quality composite packaging materials, and in the multilayer composite material must have at least a layer of high barrier property of the material. For example, a new type of high barrier packaging materials modified nano composite polyamide, ethylene & ndash; Vinyl alcohol copolymer and polyvinyl alcohol, etc.

2, active packaging materials,

the application of active packaging and active packaging technology has become a development trend of food packaging safety. So-called technology is the use of active packaging materials, active packaging to interact with internal excess gas packing, in order to prevent the oxygen accelerate the oxidation of food packaging. Active packaging system arises at the historic moment in the 1970 s, deoxidization, deoxidizer soon began to used for food packaging. In fact, active packaging can effectively keep the food nutrition and flavor. Due to material science, biological science and the progress of packaging technology, active packaging technology develops very fast in recent years, the iron series deoxidizer is a kind of rapid development, has appeared the nitrite, enzyme catalysis, organic deoxidizer, photosensitive deoxidizer, etc, make the packaging of food safety is increasingly perfect.

3, intelligent packaging material

intelligent packaging materials. Used for packing food safety of intelligent packaging materials have shown important material, sterilizing material, measurement, etc. Recently, Canada launched measurable germs, distinctive packaging material, the packing material can detect salmonella, campylobacter, escherichia coli, listeria four kinds of pathogenic bacteria. In addition, the packing material can also be used to detect pests or genetic engineering of food protein content, points out that whether the genetically modified food engineering.
a food company in Japan recently launched an antibacterial plastic packaging container, is the use of plastic and polypropylene synthetic fibre, and again a blend of the film used for food antimicrobial agent, can prevent microbes breeding with the bacteria.

4, uv damage of food packaging materials

the ciba elaboration company successfully developed a uv blocking agent, can protect packaging within food from uv damage, to improve the safety of food packaging, and extend the shelf life.

5, sterilization, active packaging materials,

recently abroad study a success to the activity of sterilization packaging system, including the sterilization system. It is the activity of sterilization of material and packing material combination system, such as sorbitol, sorbic acid salt, sodium benzoate, silver zeolite material added to the manufacturing of packaging container materials, manufacturing processing as a container, then make its slow release the active ingredient in sterilization. More than 9%, the deoxidization effect within a short time.

6, sterile high barrier packaging materials

as the package of composite made of aluminum foil and some material is not transparent, not easy to recycle, and must not be used for the defect of microwave heating, in recent years, researchers have developed the asepsis plating SiOx packaging materials, namely the custom situation on PET, PA, PP and other plastic film substrate coated with a layer of thin silicon oxide, after giving the sterilization function thus made. It not only has good barrier property, so they have a better atmosphere environment adaptability, the barrier property of it never affected by environmental temperature change. SiOx coating cost is higher, the mass production technology is also not perfect, at present our country has been a certain scale, developed countries have in food packaging application
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