What to do if kraft paper stand up pouch is damaged during shipping?
Although the loss and damage of goods seldom happen, our reliable partner - freight forwarding company highly recommend customers to buy insurance to avoid the high-cost loss caused by the accident. Once stand up pouch is damaged, the consignee may claim compensation from the carrier after receiving the freight record handed over by the carrier and considering it to be the carrier's responsibility. When making a claim for compensation, you are required to fill in the corresponding form and hand over the freight record, the loss list of the goods, freight waybill, and other legal documents. We will do our best to pack the products before shipping them to avoid the damage to them.

Huihua now stand out in the market. The custom printed pouches series is one of the main products of Guangzhou Huihua Packaging Co., Ltd.. Production processes of Huihua kraft paper bag mainly include several parts: fibers preparation, washing, loosening, fabric dyeing, combing, and others. It can also improve the display value of the packaged goods. Under the supervision of a professional quality inspector, the product is inspected at all stages of production to ensure good quality. It is highly customizable in terms of shape, size, and thickness.

Huihua Packaging is committed to ensuring that our flat bottom bag will bring real value to our customers. Ask!
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