What kind of packing is provided for stand up kraft paper bag ?
Guangzhou Huihua Packaging Co., Ltd. has some general packaging guidelines that could help you prepare your package for transport. To find out more, please consult with our Customer Support. We make certain the packaging we select is ideal for your merchandise. We're enthusiastic about our packing methods.

Huihua Packaging is a company that focuses on the production of roll stock film. The spout pouch series is one of the main products of Huihua Packaging. Huihua child resistant zipper bags undergoes rigorous quality analysis once it is produced. It will be checked in a comprehensive way in terms of its fiber quality, water repellency, snagging resistance, moisture permeability, etc. It is preferable for food, daily necessities, stationery, toys, chemical products, etc. The quality guarantee of this product can stand all kinds of strict inspection. It features certain temperature resistance from deep-freeze to oven processing.

Huihua always adheres to the 'three new' policy: new materials, new processes, new technologies. Ask!
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