What is the vacuum packing bag

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Vacuum bags just as its name implies is refers to the extraction of air inside the bag, after hermetically sealed, make the food inside the bags have been isolated. In the condition of vacuum packing things, aerobic microbial growth slow or is restrained, reduced the degradation of protein and fat oxidative rancidity, can effectively prevent food from spoiling and storage. In addition, after vacuum packaging, so that the lactic acid bacteria and anaerobic bacteria proliferation and pH reduced to 5. 6 ~ 5. 8, further inhibiting the growth of other bacteria, so as to extend the storage period of the product. Vacuum packing usually need combined with some other commonly used anti-corrosion methods to obtain good preservation effect, such as: dehydration, add spices, sterilization, freezing, etc.

then we can look at the food vacuum packaging method is divided into two kinds, one is in the bag, one is outside the bag.

1. Vacuum aluminum foil bag is also called the pure aluminium pouch or aluminum foil bag, the packing density on the process of metal ( Aluminum) Set on the pouch, increase the blocking performance bag, shading, often used for the tea of the inner packing and retort pouch.

2. Other vacuum packaging: the packaging using the PA ( Nylon) /PE( Enhanced) Or PA ( Nylon) / RCPP, other materials such as PET/PE, PET/RCPP cooperate to use the

in the know about the main material and its characteristics of every kind of food vacuum bag

1. PE suitable for low temperature use, often used for frozen food vacuum packaging, or plain boiled products can also be used.

2. RCPP is also called the ( cpp) Suitable for use in high temperature cooking, the production of high temperature cooking bags commonly used materials.

3. PA( Nylon) To increase my physical strength, durability performance. Steam cooking bags and liquid bags commonly used materials, use of nylon bag can enhance sexual compressive nun.

4. Al foil is cut off in order to increase performance and shading. Is the tea vacuum bag and cooking boiled bags commonly used materials.

5. PET increased mechanical strength and stiffness.

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