What is the difference between the color of kraft paper bags

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
In our impression of kraft paper, there are two kinds of white and yellow color, but in the use of the food packaging industry, the material of kraft paper mainly made of plant fiber, compared with the plastic bags to be more green environmental protection, its simple sense is also very good, product sales, so the kraft paper bags are popular with many businesses. Custom bags, tea bags

custom kraft paper bags or shoot the spot for the first time customers will face a problem, kraft paper bags in different manufacturers buy a different color? Buy spot is especially striking. Why can appear off color problem? Some customers will think is quality problem on this side of the pouch manufacturer. Quality problems are inevitable, but the main reason is that kraft paper material itself.

it is well known that kraft paper, the main raw material of plant fiber, which made use of conifer wood fiber kraft paper is the most common, different plant fiber's color is different, than the differences in pine wood pulp and wood pulp, tree age season and growth environment also can have different color, different fiber content also will affect the color difference. In order to avoid the problem of color difference is bigger, kraft paper, in the process of manufacturing will join the dyeing process to improve ( Note that there is only improvement is not completely solve) 。 Therefore different batches of kraft paper raw material more or less have off color in it.

so how do you determine the kraft paper bags of the color we want? There are two ways, one is determined by the original sample bags to, good to communicate with packaging manufacturer. Second, specify the kraft paper, gram, commonly used in food packaging kraft paper, g is 30 ~ 60 g.

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