What is the composite packaging process?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Composite bags in the modern commodity packaging production process, some items ( Such as food) Properties of the packaging, the packaging materials have strict requirements, such as: request packaging material has moisture-proof, waterproof, cut off the gas, avoid light, heat resistant, oil resistant, high temperature resistant, easy to heat sealing, easy to printing, health and safety, etc. At the same time, as people living standard rise, awareness of quality assurance and health guarantee commodity packaging is also growing. In many cases, a single packaging materials is very difficult to achieve a number of special requirements, therefore, in the packaging process, often will be two or more compound packing materials with different properties, use their excellent comprehensive performance, in order to achieve the requirement of commodity packaging. Commonly used composite packaging materials, mainly all kinds of composite films. So-called composite membrane, refers to a piece of paper, cellophane, plastic film, foil flexible packaging materials such as material, through a variety of composite processing method of a comprehensive performance of flexible composite packaging materials. The processing technology of compound packing materials there are many methods and can be done before the printing, can also be carried out after printing. Technique and method of commonly used are: extrusion composite bags ( A single extrusion and two) , extrusion coating compound pouch ( A single extrusion and two) Wet, dry adhesive composite bags, adhesive composite bags, wax compound pouch, hot pressing composite bags, vacuum coating process, etc. In actual production, sometimes in order to improve the production efficiency and the need of product processing, often will be two or more composite bags together to use, such as extrusion composite bags, if some of the base material need to coating a layer of base material, often will dry adhesive compound in the front of the assembled into composite extrusion equipment, complete composite process together. In addition to the above composite bags, for some special compound packing materials ( Container) , need special processing methods, such as spiral winding method, the method of making composite cans of body is different from the general process of composite method. This paper mainly introduces extrusion composite bags, extrusion coating compound pouch, dry adhesive composite bags, wet adhesive composite bags, vacuum coating process, the spiral winding method in the production of composite cans of material process of six kinds of composite materials processing technology.
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