What is five advantages of vacuum packing bag? Collect food packaging manufacturers

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
What is the big advantage of vacuum packing bag? The vacuum packing is now very popular a kind of form, the extraction of air inside the container to keep it a scheduled a vacuum, can save a space, easy to carry. Vacuum bags because of its own characteristics, are widely used in the field and the food industry, medical supplies, electronic products, and many other industries are useful to the vacuum bags. What are the advantages of vacuum packing bag, then in use? Hui hua packaging is simple for everyone to elementary introduction below: 1, vacuum bag, also known as vacuum packaging, is to take out all the air in the container seal, maintain pouch at high stress state, the rare air of low oxygen effect, make no microorganisms living conditions, in order to achieve the purpose of fruit fresh, disease-free corrosion occurs. Application of a plastic bag vacuum packing, the aluminum foil packing, glassware, etc. 2, vacuum packaging, currently used the most main is thin film material, of course, there are bottled and canned. Of food used in vacuum packaging film materials, to ensure its effect on all kinds of food packaging, beautiful, economy, etc, to achieve the best state. At the same time, food vacuum packaging of material of resistance and stability of light also have higher requirements. 3, vacuum packing bag after the vacuum, microbial quantity less packaging than the aerobic, and not easy to breed, can extend smoothly some food such as fresh meat, or the shelf life of drugs such as packaging, that is to say, the vacuum bags longer shelf life than ordinary plastic bags. Vacuum bags available substrate barrier property, high barrier - — The effect of oxygen resistance, water resistance, resistance; Vacuum packaging is also applied to electronic products such as packaging, can do moistureproof; Some food packaging, to oil, incense, or resistant to high temperature cooking, resistant to low temperature cold storage. 4, vacuum packaging bags generally high separation: using different high separation performance co-extrusion film, plastic material of oxygen, water, carbon dioxide, odor such as blocking effect. Stable performance, oil resistant, resistant to moisture, resistant to low temperature freezing, with good quality, fresh, odour, can be used for vacuum packing, aseptic packaging, inflatable packaging. Low cost: relative glass packaging, aluminum foil packing and other plastic packaging, to achieve the same barrier effect, co-extrusion film has great advantage on cost. 5, vacuum bags, after air extraction internal basic joint packaging bags, namely internal capacity ratio is small, so not only save the packing space, also facilitate People's Daily carried; Vacuum bags can make use of modern production technology, achieve scale production process automation, thus can greatly save the production cost of vacuum packing bag; The main vacuum packing bag with nontoxic and harmless, non-polluting packaging materials, production without adding glue, solvent residue, green environmental protection.
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