What determines the price of custom bags?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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1, the types, the general custom bags into boiled custom bags, cooking bags, aluminum foil custom bags of these three, the so-called boiled and boiling points is known as the degree of its high temperature resistance and puncture proof, water temperature can reach 90 - 100 degree is ok, but cooking degree of resistance to high temperature to reach above 121 degrees or more, can be high temperature resistant more prices higher, of course, and bespoke packaging aluminum foil can meet the requirements of the above two kinds of all, so the price is higher. 2, to look at the thickness of custom packaging, custom bags we use plastic industry by measuring thickness is in accordance with & other; S” Calculate, generally in the thickness of the single - 6 18 s, between the thickness and the higher the price of custom bags more expensive! 3, the custom packaging printing area, the printing area is refers to the bespoke packaging color printing part of the occupied much and scale of the entire package, some custom packaging printing only a few words, of course, cheaper, and some manufacturers with custom packaging color is colorful and printing are also relatively large, manufacturers use ink will also consume a lot of, will increase in the cost, higher prices for granted. 4, look at the size of the custom bags, we all know that all things are small, the same thing a big will you? In custom bags on the pricing of the size of the pouch and size is also play a determinant. 5, the purchaser levels of a single purchase, cooperation for the first time purchase, the more the cheaper price, because in the production of custom bags, generally is the minimum quantity of an order for a whole roll of material, the length of this whole coil in about 6000 meters, with 6000 m divided by all you need to customize the size and width of packing pouch is * eventually came out, the number of some manufacturer don't want to order a roll of material too much at the beginning, because the raw materials we used is a roll of material, if customer can't use the remaining we scrapped, so the number of purchasing fewer words will double in price. Order, the more the cheaper price, on the contrary, the less the higher the price.
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