What are the influencing factors of food packaging sealing?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
First, the material influence

general composite membrane type of food packaging is a certain heat sealing performance, mainly products in custom-made after food packaging bags can be sealed by sealing machine. Composite bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic bags

2, production process influence

food packaging mainly applied the gravure technology, dry compound, eager technical process to make heat sealing is mainly reflected in one pouch. Usually is the main control of heat sealing temperature, pressure and time. These are need to have superb technical staff to grasp, above the heat sealing temperature when heat sealing, make plastic film adhesive flow; And heat sealing pressure can make the plastic film in the viscous flow of interface between molecules produce mutual penetration, diffusion, external power; Certain heat sealing time can make the plastic film interface molecular mutual penetration, diffusion as soon as possible, make the interface disappeared and as a whole, thus has good sealing.
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