What are the factors affect the ink film gloss?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Under the condition of invariable in thin film materials, the luster of the ink layer is influenced by the following factors. (1) the stronger the solvent dissolving ability of printing ink, ink dissolved, the better, the luster of the ink layer for good. Work viscosity is appropriate, is advantageous to the ink flow, the luster of the ink film is better. Oil degradation, solvent ink imbalance, dilute excessive and solvent impact not only affect the printing performance, and can destroy, ink pigment and resin oil separation, often can obviously reduce the luster of the ink layer. (2) the link is not only to play the role of a dispersed pigments, also plays a protective paint, the action of rendering light jersey. Within the scope of the color concentration allows people enough ink oil, can improve the luster of the ink layer to a certain extent. 3. Generally speaking, appropriate to reduce ink drying speed, to improve the light of the ink layer. Ink drying too quickly, after the ink dieyin easily efflorescence, appear matt; Ink drying too slow, adhesion failure happens again, make the ink layer lose luster. (4) scraping blade Angle is too large or too sharp scraping blade ( For example the new blade) , after printing ink layer is lack luster. The opposite is beneficial to ink layer improve gloss. (5) in the printing process, solvent evaporation speed, ink membrane drying faster, due to the effect of evaporative cooling, absorb ink film around the heat caused by the sharp condensing water vapor in the air, at that point in the printing ink film surface fog formation, make the ink layer loses luster, the effect is more obvious in high humidity environment. More bags technical knowledge please enter: http://www. p01000。 Cn bags, food bags, national hotline: 15019974566 WeChat synchronous!
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