We in the use of food packaging at the same time, be sure to check on it

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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in the last few years, China's packaging industry got rapid development, has become one of the a measure of economic power in our country. Packaging quality is more reliable than quantity, especially the application in people daily life of food packaging bags, is directly related to people's health.
when we were in the use of food packaging, to the serious test, mainly from several aspects, such as appearance, health check. Appearance may not have to use the hindrance of bubble, perforation, water lines, critical reinforcement, bad plasticizing, fisheye frozen block of fault, etc. Specifications, width, length, thickness deviation should be within the scope stipulated by the deviation.
health performance including evaporation residue, potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metal, decolorizing test. Evaporation residue is reflect the food packaging bags in use process in vinegar, wine, oil and other liquid precipitation when the possibility of residue, heavy metals, residue and heavy metal can produce bad effects on human health, moreover residue will directly affect food color, aroma, taste and other edible quality.
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