Ultra-thin plastic bags of food is still in the market'

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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thin thickness of food packaging is less than 0. 025 mm plastic shopping bags, easily damaged, are disposable, buried in the soil will not degrade in 300, a large number of accumulation can cause the serious pollution of farmland and rivers. The State Council general office on notice limit production and sales of the use of plastic shopping bags, Hereinafter referred to as & other; Plastic limit & throughout; ) Make clear a regulation: from June 1, 2008 it is prohibited to produce, sell ultra-thin plastic bags, and applies a system of paid use of plastic shopping bags, various administrative departments in accordance with the provisions, undertake the corresponding regulatory responsibilities. Now & other; Plastic limit & throughout; Has promulgated more than three years, ultra-thin food plastic bags in the market, regulation, why am I still so & other; Rife throughout the &; ?
1, to conform to the provisions of the plastic shopping bags to pay system, effectively control the use of plastic bags.
2, supermarkets in fresh food and cooked food products have typically provided to the customer must even volumes bags, according to the commodity retail places the measures for the administration of paid use of plastic shopping bags, forecast of packages can be provided free of charge for the customer. Investigated understanding to arrive at the supermarket, & other; Plastic limit & throughout; After implementation, free volume utilization rate sharply rising trend of plastic bags, into three times, some consumers not to use their costumes, fresh, ripe food as a shopping pouch in use. To this end, supermarket head also is very helpless.
3, trade market more for booth rental system, liquidity is very big, cause it is difficult to establish sales ledger timely, and have the plastic bag is difficult to manage the stall operators. Rural small stores these phenomenon is widespread. Although the Ministry of Commerce and industry of these places have supervision and penalty function, but FaBuZeZhong, so often can't reach the designated position.
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