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by:Huihua     2020-10-27
In 2014, the plastic flexible packaging in the global food industry sales rose 3%, to 1. 9 trillion, its global sales in 2016 is expected to rise to 2 trillion.

market research firm euromonitor international, said in the food industry, self-supporting pouch is without a doubt the fastest growing a kind of plastic packaging.

self-supporting bag is still loved by many brands of a form of packaging. According to euromonitor international forecasts, 2014 - During 2019, self-supporting bag sales to increase by an annual rate of 6%.

self-supporting pouch sales is very good, is a kind of suitable for the microwave packaging solution that can be used in the packaging ready meal, rice, pasta, the biscuits, candies, cookies and ice cream, yogurt, and cocktail in the direct consumption of disposable packaging such as baby food also occupy a certain market share. Self-supporting bag application range is very wide.

in 2015, China and India, accounting for 50% of growth in food packaging. Sales in the asia-pacific region alone has risen by 5% in 2014, is the 320 billion package.

is the driving force for the global food packaging industry in China and India, the improvement of urbanization level and disposable income, and buying habits from the bulk food to food packaging, make these countries there is an increasing demand for plastic flexible packaging. Composite bags, aluminum foil bags, plastic bags
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