The stand or fall of packaging and printing is can use eyes to see

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Basically packaging printing quality judgment must rely on the eyes, the human eye can complete instrument can complete many things, such as to view the entire package, determine the overall decoration effect, to determine whether packaging decoration, determine whether two colors or two print color matching. A trained observer can be more accurate than density meter to detect the portable bottle pouch printing color difference. Out, however, there are many human eyes can't do, such as the human eye can't on the suction nozzle pouch color the color of the test plate is given a certain specific data, the data can be transmitted through telephone and fax to suppliers and customers, is used to specify the color of printing. The color of the eyes and a very bad memory, although the observer can be placed side by side two print color comparison, but is unable to accurately compare before and after only 1 second intervals of two print color. Human eyes are influenced by the environment and the influence of the desired color memory. So, the best soft packaging such as pouch of color control butterfly-valve wine is the proper use of the human eye and testing instrument, it requires the use of both has a better understanding of the advantages and limitations.
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