The role of custom packaging

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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is the main purpose of custom bags oxygen, to help prevent food spoilage, its principle is simple, because food metamorphism causing mold mainly caused by the activity of microorganism, and most microorganisms ( Such as mold and yeast) Survival is need oxygen, and custom packaging is using this principle, the packaging and food within the cell oxygen smoke, lose micro physical & other; The survival of the environment & throughout; 。 Experimental results show: when the concentration of oxygen in the packaging & le; 1%, microbial growth and reproduction rate fell sharply, oxygen concentration & le; 0. 5%, most microbes will be reined in and stop breeding. ( Note: custom packaging can inhibit anaerobic bacteria breeding and enzyme reaction caused by food metamorphism and discoloration, so still need to combine with other auxiliary methods, such as cold storage, frozen, dehydrated, high temperature sterilization, irradiation sterilization, microwave sterilization, salting, and so on. ) 吗? 吗? Custom oxygen besides inhibiting microbial growth and reproduction, another important function is to prevent the oxidation of the food, because the oil kind food contains A lot of unsaturated fatty acid, by the effect of oxygen oxidation, sour food, deterioration, in addition, the oxidation also make vitamin A and C loss, volatile substances in food pigment by the role of oxygen, make the color darker. So oxygen can effectively prevent food spoilage, maintain its color, aroma, taste and nutritional value. Custom inflatable packaging in addition to the main function of custom packaging quality of deoxidization function, main and compressive strength, the air resistance, the preservation effect, can more effectively to make food for a long time to keep the original color, aroma, taste, shape, and nutritional value. In addition, there are many food not suitable for using custom packaging and custom inflatable packaging should be used in. Like crisp fragile food, nutrition food, easy deformation oil food, have sharp edges or high hardness will puncture food packaging bags, etc. Food after custom inflatable packaging, packaging bags inside air pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure outside packing pouch, can effectively prevent food compression broken deformation does not affect the packaging and printing packaging appearance. 吗? 吗? Custom inflatable packaging in the custom before filling the nitrogen, carbon dioxide, oxygen, single or two three gas mixture. The nitrogen is inert gas, filling effect, make the bag to maintain positive pressure, in order to prevent the outside air into the pouch, pouch of food plays a protective role. The carbon dioxide can dissolve all kinds of fat or water, leads into the weak acid carbonate, and corruption have inhibitory activity of bacteria and other microorganisms. The oxygen is inhibit the growth of anaerobic bacteria breeding, keep fruits, vegetables, fresh and color, high concentration of oxygen to keep fresh meat, its bright red.
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