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Host Rachel Cherry: Thank you for staying with us for an hour at home.
You know, today is the day when the federal government pays taxes.
In a certain degree of behavior (ph)
In the invisible protests, people in many cities across the United States gathered in public places around the protest sign they chose today-tea bags.
Although the number of tea knives is not particularly high according to US protest standards, it turns out that there seems to be a bowl of tea knives.
They took Boston.
They took Washington.
In Sacramento, California, Nashville, Tennessee, there are tea bags in Lansing, Michigan.
If you can\'t witness or participate in any tea party in person today, it\'s quite possible, frankly, that you don\'t, you\'re still lucky.
In the next hour, we will provide you with some highlights.
For example, we will start here with some of the slides that have been described.
If you want, a child\'s Treasury Department, get the images from today\'s tea pack excitement.
A popular protest item is \"Chairman Mao-bama” t-
The shirt was designed by the happy gentleman in Washington, D. C. C. Another D. C.
Protesters suggested that members of Congress should be hanged, \"Hang them dead,\" the sign says.
\"Traitors to Congress, Pelosi, Reid, Waters, Schumer, Frank, Dodd, Conyers, Kerry, Clinton and Kennedy.
\"It\'s interesting, Senator Clinton, I\'m sure it\'s no longer a technical issue in Congress.
Also, it\'s nice to see Africans
S. Lawmakers were named for the proposed hanging.
This is historic.
Showing signs of many \"Obama is a secret Muslim\" with the words \"Speak for yourself, Obama, we are a Christian country,\" This is a man wearing t-
The shirt says \"silly offset the sale.
\"Obama is not really American,\" which is the theme of today\'s popularity.
The sign says, \"Hey Big Brother, show us your real birth certificate.
Or this, the sign says, \"stand by while some Kenyans are trying to destroy the United States ? \"?
I don\'t think so.
Don\'t play dat! ” Wow.
Today, the popular theme of \"Obama is Hitler\" is reflected in the whole Arab country.
This is the first sign seen on a tea bag in Colorado Springs.
The next one is actually \"Hitler\'s new face, Barack Hussein Obama \".
It was in Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.
Philadelphia saw this, too.
\"The American taxpayer is a Jew in the Obama oven.
This is very subtle.
The gentleman in the chaos action hat-
Remember, Rashid Limbaugh-
Inspired by the presidential campaign.
For all the hype about tea bags, for all the high-
Company power-funded, D. C.
A driver.
To organize today\'s vote, today\'s turnout may be best described as a mixed bag.
It is reported that there are 5,000 people in Lansing, Michigan.
Hundreds of tea carts are parked at the Massachusetts state building in Boston.
Like in Rockford, Illinois, the alternative path Tea Party has gathered about 200 people today.
In terms of context, this was attended by more than 6,000 people at a chaotic party two months ago in Rockford, Illinois.
It is reported that about 5,000 people participated in the Sacramento Tea Party today.
It will be slightly less than half the number of people playing in the same city in January, watching the country\'s worst professional basketball team-between wizards and Kings.
Citing the Tampa Bay Tribune, \"more than 500 people\" appeared at a rally in Tampa at noon today.
For reference, this will be half of 1,200 Tampa --
Last weekend, local residents visited Ott\'s dog Belt Park for the annual Ruskin pet festival.
You can also compare Tampa\'s 500 or so teabaggers with 14,000 Tampa fans who watched the worst of the two teams in the National Hockey League in February.
Remember the millionaire group.
We talked about it on the show last night?
Their plan is to dump millions of tea bags in Washington, DC. C. today.
Millions of tea bags were sent to the Lafayette Park in Washington, but when they were sent off as ordered by the police, they had to immediately reload into the truck.
Obviously, millionaires.
Org people never know that you need a permit if you want to dump a lot of things in the National Park.
When they tried to finance teabag without a permit, the eager teabagers were also rejected.
They turned to the protest at Lafayette Square.
The protest actually ended earlier today when people played on the White House lawn and destroyed tea bags in the park.
This kind of thing sounds interesting unless, of course, you\'re part of the US Secret Service.
Organizers of the event at Lafayette Square today told The Washington Post that it was the biggest grassroots demonstration in history. ” Wow.
The largest grassroots demonstration in history? The largest? Wow.
What is it like to participate in the largest grassroots demonstration in history?
The people who join us now are there.
National reporter for American Airlines and Anna Marie Cox, a Daily Beast contributor.
She attended the tea party at Lafayette Square today. Of course, the tea party is left-
Wing joys has been ridiculed for hissing in the drizzle.
Thank you so much for joining us, Anna Marie.
I\'m sorry to bother you. tea experience.
Anna Marie Cox, American Air Reporter: Yes.
I am experimenting with how to use tea bags properly. (LAUGHTER)
How is it today?
How\'s the tea bag in Washington? C. ?
Describe the scene.
Rachel, I have to say, be calm.
The weather is very wet today. I have—
I would also like to say that these people who have proved to be truly committed to tea bags.
They really, they put a lot of muscle into it, but hopefully not too much.
But I think they are very, very excited there.
You have to be very focused in order to show up in the weather we have in Washington today, which is very bad weather.
It\'s raining and cold.
But hundreds of tenacious souls came out with signs of their mild racism and their love for the country.
Slight signs of racism, like?
Cox: Well, there\'s one-
There are signs that Obama is a shoe boy. MADDOW: Oh. COX: Yes.
And then there\'s one.
You will love this one because I know you like pun.
It says \"earmarx\" E-A-R-M-A-R-X. MADDOW: Ah!
Cox: There\'s also a picture of Obama who has big ears and big lips. MADDOW: Oh. Yes.
I like the homophonic, but, yes-
Then you have to go there.
Well, I was confused and they announced that their turnout was 3,000. COX: They did. From the stage—
They now say their turnout is 3,000. It was a right—
This is a lovely little stage.
For a long time I thought it was an umbrella until I got close to it.
It\'s really a bit like a picnic table situation, like standing on a picnic table --
Gave it a simple feeling.
I must say that.
And, you know, like-
Very interesting.
I admit that I have participated in many protests since the radical period of my university.
This is different from most of the people I go to college.
There are many people in suits and ties.
Surprisingly, there are many children who are forced to carry out propaganda related to keeping their future for ransom, or not to teabag me, teabag-
You know, I don\'t want to be scolded.
I don\'t know if there is a law to use children this way in a district, but you know, the whole thing was broken by the police anyway.
I don\'t think it\'s a child.
I think it was a bomb scare.
MADDOW: Well, after someone threw something on the White House lawn, it was broken by the police? Is that right?
Yes, someone threw tea bags on the White House lawn.
Of course, you know.
Yes, the fine particulate matter thrown at the White House, looks like-somebody—
There are some things, there are rumors that someone-oh, yes. Terrorists. (LAUGHTER)
The terrorists will do that.
In fact, it\'s a bit interesting.
They have to send-
They sent their robots, and the Secret Service sent their robots to remove the bombs.
I guess it\'s a sniffing robot.
The robot is here. You know, it\'s just tea. And—
But by then, the protesters were almost dissolved, and of course I went to the teatism demonstration to show solidarity. (LAUGHTER)
Well, some-
I mean, yes-
People want to apply to the Treasury Department, but they don\'t think they have a license, so they can\'t do that.
They threw tea bags on the lawn of the White House and didn\'t expect that to undermine their protests.
Millions of tea bags cannot be thrown at Lafayette Square because there is no permit.
For this, it\'s kind of like, this-
They just ignore a lot of these important details, right, you\'ll think you need to be able to do that in order to get D. C. protest.
Cox: Well, you know, things are like this, and I think after eight years of you in power, it\'s like you forgot how to make a decent protest.
I\'m sure they will come up with more methods and I bet they will get more practice.
Although I will add another defect to the plan
These are all-tax rallies.
Many of them happen in the park, and unless they develop another way to own a park, they usually pay with taxes.
But the whole thing is true.
Security provided by the police.
I can\'t afford fire engines myself, and I can\'t afford Police myself.
I don\'t know what their solution is.
Anna Mary, the last question to ask you. I just—
I was shocked today by the protests in Alamo. COX: Yes. That was a—
Glen Baker is the headline there. And I -
You know, in general, he has a problem with history.
A few days ago, he had a Thomas Pann imitator come over and compare the stimulus to 9/11.
So, this is a problem.
But actually I-
I\'m a little happy.
Obviously, he thinks Alamo is a great place to start a revolution.
So I wish him all the best.
I also hope someone can give him a history book at some point. MADDOW: Yes.
It\'s time to check the basic idea of what he\'s doing.
National reporter for American Airlines, Daily Beast contributor Anna Marie Cox and our brave reporter at today\'s protest --
Thank you for joining us tonight. Appreciate it.
Thank you, Rachel.
MADDOW: The Washington Independent Today noticed in a tea party protest with Anna Marie that the gentleman was holding the irony of \"I am a right-wing extremist,\" holding the sign, the speaker at the moment is condemning the idea that anyone in the event should be seen as a right wing --wing extremist.
We will learn more about the complex relationship between the mainstream and the extreme. coming up.
But first of all, there is one more thing about the grass-roots Tea Party movement.
One of the controversies about teabaggers is insider D. C. corporate-
The funded PR stores and lobby groups have done a lot of organization and promotion for these activities.
It\'s controversial because it\'s space travel.
It\'s disguised as a formal top
As if it was some spontaneous grassroots activity, the cost was paid down to the organization.
This has also caused controversy as some insiderC. corporate-
Funding public relations stores and lobby groups, planning these protests, opposing protests that the government squandered, and organizing-
The rescue protests were also lobbyists for the rescue company.
For example, Liberty Engineering, an important protest organizer, led by Dick Almeh, has represented lobbying companies at AIG, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch in the past year, as well as other recipients of the TARP fund.
After lobbying for the rescued company, the protest against the bailout was organized, just as Dick almei was speaking here on both sides of teabag. (
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Some basic facts about April 15.
It happens every year, just after April 14.
Some post offices open very late.
In any case, the Post Office usually has a large team-
There are almost always protests on tax days.
Tax day is one of them --
Date of correspondence on the Direct Action calendar.
For years, in some places, left-wing groups have been holding tax day protests at the post office to show that they do not want to spend taxes on the war.
Over the years, right-wing groups have protested on tax days, only to oppose the whole idea of taxation. Anti-
For years, tax protesters range fromof-the-
Mill liberals go all the way to the armed tax resistance of \"no one has to pay taxes.
Last year, protests organized around the idea of abolishing the Federal Reserve on the tax day of 08.
So we can all go back to paying with doubloons, as we learned from the secret subtext in The Wizard of Oz.
\"The protest is as American as jazz and old-fashioned jazz. It is—
This is part of us as a nation.
In the United States, every April 15, we argue with each other about taxes.
That\'s what we do.
In the past and in the future, as long as the Bill of Rights and the IRS are still alive, it will always exist.
What\'s the difference in this year\'s tax day protests, this year is different from other years --
Is this year one of the two major political parties in the United States?
The political system of the party decided to hang its carriage on the Tax Day protest star
A fringe tradition so far.
It\'s embarrassing that a major political party and group are coming together --
Night \"how to legally pay zero tax without going to jail\"
Those don\'t work at all for Wesley snups.
Coming together today may be nothing more embarrassing than the ambitious Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry told a group of teabaggers in Texas to quote, \"I\'m just not sure if you\'re right --Extremists.
But if so, we will be with you.
As when it was out of the Union, some of the crowd shouted \"out of the Union, out of the Union,\" and the governor was asked today about leaving the Union.
His answer is to quote, \"if Washington continues to scoff at the American people, you know, who knows what will happen.
Last week, Governor Perry condemned the federal government\'s oppression when he signed a state law claiming Texas sovereignty. (
Start Video Editing)GOV.
Rick Perry®I think the federal government has become very depressed.
I believe that its scale has become depressed, its infringement on the lives of citizens, its interference in the affairs of our country.
We thought it was time to draw a line on the beach and tell Washington that we no longer accept their oppressive hand in Texas.
There is a point in time when you stand up and say enough. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Enough, enough.
Except when you have to ask the federal emergency service to help resolve the wildfire as you did five days ago, except that you have to call on the federal forces to help, as you did on 1st day of last month, or when you ask for another year and a half of federal money to clean up post-hurricane hygiene, as you did --
In addition to this stuff, in addition to the help that Texas really wants from the federal government, there is the oppressive federal government.
Wayne Slater, a veteran political journalist at The Dallas Morning Post, also joined us.
He is the author of \"Bush\'s Brain: How Carl ROV made George w. Bush\"
President Bush.
Wayne, thank you very much for coming to this show.
Nice to meet you.
Dallas Morning Post Wayne Slater: Rachel, it\'s great to be with you.
Now, I know that you attended a tea party in Texas with the governor today.
I\'m going to ask you, does this look like a very typical Republican event or is it a less mainstream group than usual?
Slater: there are some absolutely mainstream Republicans, conservatives, Republicans in Texas.
You have an orthodox member of the party.
Political parties, including the governor, are speaking.
You had a good Republican burger. ph)out there, who—
People who don\'t like taxes
But you also see this kind of fringe group, the separatists, the type of militia, the conspiracy theorists, the fringe elements of the radical right.
The team has been with us all the time.
It is always nearby.
What\'s new today is that you have them.
A group of people who usually come in from the back door
It really came in from the front door, and the governor appealed directly to them as part of a larger political propaganda.
MADDOW: Have you seen this before in Texas politics? Is there any—is there any—
Is there anything in history that can tell us what you call the impact of the radical right edge --
What impact could this embrace of the Republican Party have on them?
Slater: We \'ve seen it happen in some small ways.
The most important way you can think of is 1964.
That\'s what ultimately happened to the Republican Party, not only in Texas, when Lyndon Johnson ran for president, but across the country, the Republican Party really attracted the same thing Rick Perry is talking about, national rights, it carries an unfortunate, you know, history of our recent luggage-
The rights of the states are the reason why the southern states are opposed to ending apartheid.
What we\'re seeing is a Republican Party that closes the most radical elements in itself, and I think Dr. applied
Phil testhow worked for you back in 1964?
Not good at all.
So, when Governor Perry really took Texas sovereignty as the theme and really gave up the federal government --
On the one hand, this is a straight-forward political message.
But on the other hand, you are saying that this way runs on several different levels.
There are several different ways for people who hear this message.
Slater: that\'s true.
You obviously have the far right part of the Republican Party, some of whom are not even Republicans.
As you said before, they are libertarian, third.
The party guys, they\'re-parts (ph)
Basically all political parties.
But for those-
Among Republican conservative voters in Texas, Rick Perry is attractive to them because he competes with Kay Bailey Hutchinson in the primary election, which is seen as next March
Also, for some people in Texas, you\'ll see who thinks it\'s a bad idea, and I think you\'ll call it a progressive, something Perry might define for the national office, this is obviously something he wants to consider in the future --
Especially now, when you have a Republican, there really isn\'t a clear voice across the country.
It has no margin-
It doesn\'t have a major candidate that is emerging, and Rick Perry wants to see himself, and I think, as part of this mix, it\'s clear that it\'s already defined on his own right.
Wayne, last question, I hope you will hear that in its spirit.
I ask this because I know you are a savvy person because it has actually become a serious problem with the Tea Party protests today.
Have you ever felt today that it would be strange for someone to know why using the word tea bag or tea bag as a verb?
Do you think they understand?
They understand the strange meaning there?
Slater: two things.
First, Rachel, I don\'t think anyone
I saw you on MSNBC today and I was surrounded.
I may be wrong, but I have a feeling that they are watching another channel when they are watching it, so they don\'t know about it.
I didn\'t invest in the idea. I was just reflecting. (CROSSTALK)SLATER: I know.
I turned around and there was a man behind me with a tea bag hanging on his sunglasses;
A woman next to him had several tea bags hanging on her face, hanging on the edge of her hat.
Rachel, I\'m sure they don\'t know the other meanings of what they\'re saying.
This is how I pray.
Wayne Slater, senior political correspondent at The Dallas Morning Post, thank you very much for your time tonight, Wayne.
It\'s great to have you on the show.
Slater: It\'s great to be with you.
MADDOW: come up: Remember the senator, who inexplicably delayed the fifth nomination of Tammy DuckworthA. ?
Tammy Duckworth, an Iraqi veteran helicopter, lost her legs when her helicopter was shot down in Iraq.
Do you remember the person who stopped her nomination? He won\'t say why he did it?
The guy is back in the news tonight for a whole new and scary reason. More on that—coming up. (
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MADDOW: Governor Blagojevich is applying to the court for permission to shoot a reality show in gorago.
For a very strange reason, two American Christian bands were given permission to perform in North Korea.
A senator in North Carolina decided to make himself famous for all the wrong reasons.
Haven\'t arrived this hour yet.
But first, it\'s time to tell a few sacred mackerel fish stories in today\'s news.
After the US economic crisisS.
The Navy rescued Captain Richard Phillips this weekend, and the words and tactics of the pirates and anti-Pirates have all been upgraded.
Pirate forces operate off the coast of Somalia.
As we reported last night, another American cargo ship was attacked by pirates yesterday.
A ship called the free sun has 20 Am American sailors on board.
It was hit by automatic weapon fire and rocket-propelled grenades.
No one was injured and the Pirates failed to catch the ship.
But the ship did suffer some minor damage.
Somali pirate commander today
They have commanders.
In an interview with the French news agency, three pirates were killed by the US Navy. S.
On Sunday, the Freedom Day attack should be seen as the first of many American ships, and instead of targeting ransom, pirates are in retaliation, quoting, \"The purpose of the attack is completely different.
We\'re not asking for ransom.
We also assigned a team with special equipment to chase and destroy any American-flagged vessel in retaliation for the brutal killing of our friends.
\"As the pirate rhetoric escalated, they were also hit by the French tactics today.
Last night, French sailors responded to a distress signal from a Liberian ship attacked by pirates.
Pirates were defeated in the attack on the ship, but then a French helicopter followed the pirates back to a pirate mother ship about 500 miles off the coast, which was used as a base.
At dawn, the French attacked the mother ship.
They detained 11 suspected pirates.
It is reported that they will bring the pirates back to France for trial.
At the same time, it is reported that our own government has not yet decided how to deal with the surviving pirates who have been besieged this weekend.
The young man said he was only 16 years old. Next up—
As you know, the Minnesota Senate campaign has not yet been decided.
The state court has decided that Al Franken won a fair and just election with hundreds of votes, but the Republican Norm Coleman has not yet given in, and Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty will not prove the election.
Senator Minnesota.
In New York, there is still an unresolved election.
It was a race in the House to replace Conservative Democrat gilsten gilbleland, who won Hillary Clinton in the United States. S. Senate.
A special election was held in March 31, but the counting of votes is still in progress.
It\'s obviously too close to the phone.
The Republican candidate Jim tediko\'s campaign team has now made an amazing decision to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand\'s vote in the election, saying that her vote in her personal absence should not be
New York law states that if you have a good vote, you can apply for an absentee vote
Faith, believe that you will not be in the district on the voting day.
Because Gillibrand did be in the area on Election Day, Republicans want her vote to be canceled.
You know, usually, the strategy of recounting votes is to advertise yourself as a candidate who wants every vote to be counted and no one is deprived of their rights.
In the case of Jim tediko, they apparently did it for a smaller oneknown brand.
The brand they choose is, \"I\'m the one who wants to win technically, even if I don\'t get the most votes.
Good luck to you.
Finally, there are some scandals about leaders. to-pronounce far-
Away from the country and then there\'s a scandal about leadersto-pronounce far-away countries.
The program today is wonderful. All right.
Fernando Lugo is the President of Paraguay.
At this week\'s press conference, President Lugo acknowledged in response to a parent-child lawsuit that he was an unknown father to date. year-old boy.
He\'s 2-year-
An old boy with a woman he\'s not married.
The woman he didn\'t marry him was his father. year-
When their sexual relationship began, the old boy was 16 years old.
He was 47.
He was a Catholic bishop at the time.
I think in the ranking of the presidential sex scandal \"I didn\'t have sex with that woman\", the game matches President Lugo. (
Business break)
MADDOW: We got the news today that President Obama might have all of us in a big bank --related secret.
According to the New York Times, the Obama administration plans to release sensitive details about the stress tests of the country\'s 19 largest banks.
Secrecy is controversial because, on the one hand, all the rescue funds come from us, so you can say that we should know about the bank.
On the other hand, publishing results can basically broadcast problems with certain banks, which in itself may be the source of the disaster.
Anyone who has seen this is a good life knows what happens when people lose confidence in the bank, right?
This is what you call a \"bank run\" and everyone thinks it\'s a very bad thing, for the bank that\'s running and the people who are running the bank.
Keep this in mind, when you hear this story about the development of the financial crisis last fall, the United States first made it clearS.
The government, because it is related by the United StatesS.
This week, senators from the local Chamber of Commerce.
Quote \"I called my wife on Friday night and I said, \'Brooke, I\'m not going home this weekend.
I\'ll call you on Monday.
Tonight, I want you to go to the ATM, I want you to paint everything that it makes you take away, I want you to go tomorrow, I want you to go on Sunday‘”OK.
First of all, she can\'t go in and talk to the teller.
Second, the Federal Deposit Insurance Company is a genius senator for your deposit insurance.
Third, in any case, you think it\'s worth \"running the bank\" because you learned in Washington what happened in the financial sector, but you didn\'t tell your constituents.
Instead, do you just use the information you get as a senator to protect your own family?
Fourth, what kind of genius admits to doing so and suggests \"running banks\" in public \"?
What kind of genius?
A talented American senator from North Carolina, Richard Burr, was him.
If you have never heard of him, it may be because he competes with senators such as barlasso and Clapham to become the most anonymous member of the US Senate.
If you have heard of him, it may be because of his recent inexplicable, still unexplained decision to prevent the VA from nominating the well-known veteran advocate, Tammy Duckworth. Yep.
He is the same person.
When you combine anonymous and unrealistic positions against war heroes with great ideas running in the bank, what do you get? In Sen.
In Richard Burr\'s case, you received an approval rating of about 35%, roughly the same as the approval rating for spam, aluminum bats and cold sore. If little-known Sen.
Burr tries to be famous, which may be effective, but may not be the way he wants it.
David Young is joining us now. He is president of the Democratic Party of North Carolina. Mr.
Thank you very much for your show tonight, Yang.
David Young, Democratic president of North Carolina: Rachel, thank you very much for inviting me.
MADDOW: you can deny the cold pain.
I\'m sorry to have done this in front of you.
You don\'t know I \'d say that.
That\'s what I did.
I have to ask you.
Will your party\'s 2010 Senate campaign strategy be the same as it is now? Yang: I think-
Vote against the bank against Burr? YOUNG: Exactly.
I think you-
He really helped us.
I mean, I\'m shocked today and shocked by the selfishness of a person who will use the inside information he gets in Washington, the inside information, and then try to do something to enrich himself
In this case, basically all of his constituents will lose money.
I mean, it\'s beyond selfishness, beyond shock. And a U. S.
Senator, the people we trust, the people we vote for, sitting there in North Carolina serving us.
You know, that\'s-
We have now launched a great campaign for 2010 people.
So selfish and shocking.
I have to ask you if the other \"S\" adjective is applicable and it would be \"stupid \".
I mean, people might think
He has been involved in federal law in the House and Senate for a long time.
You will think he will know that his deposit will be insured by the FDIC.
This does not apply to some basic misconception of how the government works and how the financial system works, does it not? YOUNG: Right.
In any case, there is a limit on how much money you can get from an ATM.
I don\'t know how it all works, but in fact, you said outside that you called your wife and said, \"Look, honey, this may affect me, not to mention all the citizens of my state, but let\'s take care of ourselves first.
Go out and get us that money.
MoDo: It\'s unbelievable.
David, another occasion I found to talk about Sen.
On this show, Burr decided to postpone the nomination of Tammy Duckworth to the Veterans Affairs Authority.
This is clearly disturbing many veterans groups.
This is frustrating for me and I am open to this on the show.
There are many veterans in North Carolina.
I have to ask what you think.
Burr may be achieved by choosing a specific battle.
Yang: I can say I don\'t know.
I mean, there\'s the FT in North Carolina. Bragg.
We have a lot of influence here.
We send more troops to Iraq than any other country.
We value and respect our veterans and army in North Carolina.
Why fight a veteran with a medal?
You know, I can\'t explain.
How did Sen explain it?
Burr got the job in the first place? I understand -
It took me a long time today to look at his biography and try to evaluate it.
I mean, he\'s
I think this is a lawn mower company and it\'s been a long time as a salesman before entering politics.
The rest of the Republicans in your state seem to have backed down and put him on the Senate seat.
Where did he come from and why did he have the job?
Yang: he worked in Congress for a few years, from a very conservative part of our state.
And then a great one.
Chose a great year to run. It was an off-year election.
At that time six years ago, he ran very lucky.
But now is the time for us to deal with it.
I mean, we\'re talking about economic recovery, not about economic recovery plans.
MADDOW: Well, after spending so many years in the house, he got a 35% approval rating during his Senate term, and I think there\'s a good chance we\'ll see Democratic Senators from North Carolina.
Yang: We will work very hard in this respect.
McDo: David Young, Democratic president of North Carolina, thank you very much for joining us tonight.
I appreciate it.
Yang: Thank you very much.
Next, how did an American Christian rock band play in North Korea and in North Korea of Kim Jong Un?
Dad\'s birthday party?
Next is the weirdest show ever. (
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MADDOW: When Republicans look for meaning in political minorities, they seem to be confused and troubled by some other institutions while searching.
Take Michelle bach man as an example. He wrote an op-
Ed in The Minni aporius Star Tribune. ” Her op-
Ed included the fact that this was debunked.
Free statistics on new global warming legislation.
Quoting this sentence, \"according to an analysis by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the average American household is expected to increase its energy bill by $3,128 per year.
\"The problem is that bach man\'s statement about the study was directly publicly rejected by the people who wrote about the study to House Republicans.
He did it a few weeks ago.
She quoted pure cow force.
This number does not appear anywhere in the study.
When we reported the work
Ed last week, I noticed that the Star Tribune now has to correct bach man\'s column.
So far, although I live in hope, the newspaper has not done so yet.
The newspaper did write a letter to the editor about bach man\'s lies.
The opinion page editor did tell the Center for American Progress that he was embarrassed to print the error.
But it has not been fixed so far. yet. Go on.
Continue, continue, continue. (
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In the United States, the father of our national birthday does not even have his own holiday.
Washington, Lincoln is a day off.
On the other hand, the founding of the country in North Korea is privileged.
Today is Kim Il Sung\'s birthday. Kim Il Sung is the father of the current dictatorship and the father of the current dictator Kim Jung Japanese. Il.
The birthday of Kim Il Sung is three without floating-
Weekend of February.
This week, it was clearly a forced celebration that made Liberace blush.
The national conference to commemorate the birth of the late great leader in Pyongyang, at today\'s festival of honor, a large number of loyal citizens and soldiers gathered on the statue of the founding father across the country, these statues feature Kimilsungia orchids.
That\'s because North Korea, where, of course, is a mandatory mass state --
Similar to last week\'s dance, the dance was arranged to celebrate Kim\'s comeback. election.
The day before the celebrations for Kim Il Sung, North Korea announced it would restart its nuclear program, withdraw from disarmament talks and expel international inspectors.
It only happened a week after North Korea fired a missile that sparked international condemnation.
In short, this is a national birthday party forced to hold for the founder of a ruthless, rogue dictatorship that is fighting the rest of the word.
If you are a band from Nashville and North Korea, you will call you to play-
The chance of this performance, you said yes?
In today\'s performance on Kim Il Sung\'s birthday --
Whether you believe it or not, Nashville is a dictatorship.
Based on the classical fusion band, the Anne Moses Band and the Grammy-
Winning the contemporary Christian band, casting the crown, performed on the same festival two years ago.
Let\'s invite Steve Clemons, director of the New American Foundation\'s foreign policy program and publisher of The Washington notes.
I watch it every day.
Steve, thank you so much for being on the show.
Steve Clements, director of the new US foreign policy program: It\'s a pleasure to be with you, Rachel.
MADDOW: so AmericaS.
North Korea also has no formal relationship.
So how did they get two Christian American bands to perform here?
Clemons: Well, you know, a friend of mine, David Roscoff (ph)
Yesterday, in a show, it was interesting to say that it is easier to enter Stalinist nuclear weapons today --
It\'s more like North Korea than going to Cuba.
You know, don\'t mix up the topic of the evening, but I think North Korea is reminding us that in dealing with the 1970 China and the Brezhnev era and before
When we had a very complicated relationship, Brezhnev Soviet Union.
In the nuclear negotiations with the Soviet Union, we have had a lot of intermittent negotiations.
But we have cultural exchanges and many other exchanges.
If we have problems in other areas, we have other opportunities.
I think these bands apparently received their invitation in December, during the Great Depression in which Ambassador Christopher Hill helped negotiate to push North American relations at that time.
I think everything has collapsed since Chris Hill left.
MADDOW: Ideas for cultural exchange, ideas for citizensto-Citizens, peopleto-
Sports exchanges, art and music we \'ve seen --
It seems like a good idea.
At least so-
I\'m biased about this and it seems like a good idea. CLEMONS: Right.
MADDOW: It seems like a possible way forward.
It seems like a pressure valve that you can put on in this very tight relationship.
On the other hand, playing the forced week of Kim Il Sung
A long birthday party seems like a bad idea.
Yes, this is strange.
These things can be manipulated.
But you know, on the other hand, these are Christian rock bands.
I\'m not very interested in Christian rock bands.
It\'s not just a garbage band from Seattle.
You know, there are a lot of other types of loading messages that might be for these listeners.
I don\'t know if the North Korean authorities are following this matter.
So, yes, they can be manipulated, but I do think a lot of engagement is pretty good at one level.
When the New York Philharmonic went to North Korea, we saw a lot of better aspects, which had a lot of positive residual effects, and I think it was back to the United States in the South and North Korea.
MADDOW: someone with an experience-
And the groups that participated in such exchanges drew a line between helping and hurting the regime.
For example, we know that in this case, or at least we hear that these groups are being asked to play specific songs for these activities.
It seems very difficult. CLEMONS: Yes.
To be honest, I think this is a mistake.
I think it is very important for any group that is invited to attend and keep themselves as the backbone of what they are about.
I also think that they should keep their eyes wide open and know that the dictator, Stalinist countries will try to manipulate them for political reasons.
Therefore, it is important to try to manipulate freedom and do something that shows the independence of the invitation.
It can be complicated at times, but it\'s important not to look at only one deer --in-
You know, just follow whatever their North Korean handlers want them to do, but don\'t end up in jail because of espionage or any other issues.
But they have to keep their identity, I\'m not sure-
We don\'t know if this group can do that yet.
According to these ideas, Steve, the last question.
We know that the two American journalists are still being held by the North Korean government.
We know that we have no direct relationship with the North Korean government and we have been using intermediaries to try to get involved in the hope that these women will be released from prison.
Are you aware that these things may happen behind the scenes, and is there any reason to hope that the two young women on the Current TV will be released?
Clemons: We have a lot
This is a strange dance that is going on now.
In particular, I am concerned that the inspectors were expelled today, you know, observers for North Korea\'s nuclear activities.
I think Russia and China are the two biggest leverage we have on North Korea.
They don\'t seem to have that much influence.
In terms of how we deal with North Korea\'s behavior, they seem to have a greater impact on us.
But we have to look at what China and Russia can do to push this forward.
But frankly, I think the biggest thing is that the Russians and the Chinese can have a back-to-back game.
There will also be a positive game.
I just want to say that we know that Kirk Campbell will be nominated as Assistant Minister for East Asia to succeed Chris Hill.
But we have no one for that job.
Chris Hill, the man John Bolton did not like, has made great achievements in North Korea.
Not everything is perfect.
But now that Barack Obama wants him to be his ambassador in Iraq since he left, I don\'t think a few of us have done what we need to do.
Fix it.
Yes, you know, we need to go back to that gear and find someone who can better deal with North Koreans.
MADDOW: Steve Clements, director of the New American Foundation\'s foreign policy program, publisher of The Washington notes. com.
\"Steve, thank you for joining us tonight.
Thanks, Rachel.
MADDOW: As the countdown comes, Keith is confused by Rush limgh\'s criticism that Obama has authorized the use of deadly force against pirates.
Next on this show, I still don\'t understand the reality show by Rod blagouevich.
Kent Jones will educate me on this matter in a moment. (
Business break)
Now, for our cocktail party-
Former Illinois Governor Rod blagouevich signed up on NBC\'s reality show called \"I\'m a Celebrity and let me leave here.
Technically this is where I work on NBC, so I feel like I need to understand that.
Apparently, in this show, 10 celebrities were thrown into the jungle of Costa Ricca and then-lost me.
So I asked the BBC for help again.
Our director of Blagojevich, Kent Jones, answered some questions.
Kent, help me here.
Please help me understand.
Kent Jones, pop culture: OK.
The show is a bit like survivor and is only with celebrities.
They vote for people, they leave, they don\'t take a shower.
There are many of them. MADDOW: OK.
Jones: We are not sure what the new one will look like.
But this is the original version of the show. (
Start Video Editing)
If there\'s anything worth seeing in the past episodes, we might be treated as Bunjee-Blago or bug-
Eat Blago or bite Blago
This is just the beginning. Hey, ex-
Governor, how do you feel about being kicked out of a helicopter, trapped underwater, or left in the dark with nothing but a mouse? OK.
This seems familiar.
But I\'m sure there\'s nothing in Chicago that will prepare you for Martina navaretilova\'s treatment.
Man: OK.
Close your eyes.
Tennis player Martina navati Lova: I have something in my nose.
Jones: Jump-it‘s not.
Similarly, Blago may just like to live in the lowest creatures on the food chain.
Of course there are others.
I like everything in the jungle.
I appreciate the magic here.
I fell in love with all this. (END VIDEO CLIP)MADDOW: Wow. JONES: Yes. The magic.
MADDOW: Have politicians done this before?
Those people are like entertainment people.
Jones: not usually.
But in Britain, a member of parliament named George Galloway appeared on Big Brother.
\"In one of the episodes, he danced in a red uniform.
Then he pretended to be a cat on the other cat. MADDOW: OK.
Jones: He\'s there. It‘s very nice.
I think when I say I never want to see Blago in a red uniform or like a cat, I can speak on behalf of the US.
What I want to say is, don\'t look at this.
Jones: draw a line.
Thank you, Kent.
Thank you for watching.
Keith Olbermann\'s \"Countdown\" is now on.
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