The packing bag of kraft paper bags is a very environmental protection

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
The packing bag of brown paper bag is a kind of environmental protection. A: type 1: a brown paper bag according to the material can be divided into: a. Pure leather bag; b。 Aluminum composite paper (a brown paper bag Kraft paper compound aluminum foil) ; C: woven composite (a brown paper bag General bag type larger) 2: according to the bag type can be divided into: a. Three edge-sealing brown paper bag; b。 Lateral organ brown paper bag; c。 Self-reliance brown paper bag; d。 Zipper brown paper bag; e. Self-supporting zipper 3: a brown paper bag according to the bag type appearance can be divided into: a. Valve pocket; b。 Square bottom bag; c。 Seam bottom pouch; d。 Heat sealing bag; e. Heat sealing square bottom bag 2: specifies a brown paper pouch brown paper bag is a kind of composite material production or pure kraft paper packaging container, non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, accord with national environmental standards, with high strength, high environmental protection, is one of the most popular in the international environmental protection packaging materials. 3: process shows a brown paper bag, kraft paper bags are all wood pulp paper backing color into white kraft paper, kraft paper, and yellow, can be in PP material is used on paper pour a layer of membrane, waterproof effect, strength of the bag can be made according to the requirements of between one and six layers, printing and bag making integration. Openings and the way of back into heat sealing, sealing and the bottom paper. 4: performance parameters for a brown paper bag style: disposable shape: flat pocket, the bottom open pocket, side bottom valve pocket, pouch at the end of the word paste ( Used in food packaging) Material: pp, kraft paper, aluminum foil filling quantity: 0. 2 kg, 50 kg sewing way: paper back cover, heat sealing, paste the bottom. Lining: inside lining paper, membrane bag five: brown paper bag scope of chemical raw materials, food, medicine additive, building materials, super shopping, everything is suitable for the kraft paper bags of coffee industry. Six: the status quo of brown paper bag as the 'model' in recent years the global rise of the wind, conservationists began to look at the old brown paper bag. McDonald's China company since 2006, and gradually in all stores carry out a brown paper bag with the heat preservation performance to take-out food, to replace the use of plastic bags. The move also got positive response of the other businesses, such as Nike, adidas original bags consumers, to high quality cowhide paper bags instead of plastic shopping bags. More in kraft paper bags of visit: WWW. p10000。 cn
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