The material of water bag have those?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Flexible packaging is by paper, cardboard, plastic film, hard plastic, metal, glass, wood or fabric and all kinds of composite materials. Fold the water bag in the flexible packaging, corrugated carton packaging printing and folding carton printing account for more than two thirds of all packaging and printing, they are used in a variety of performance of printing ink to printing, and often used polishing or compound processing of packaging and decoration design for protection. Most north American production of paper and cardboard mainly comes from the growth of large farms of wood, especially in the southeastern United States, wood has largely replaced the cotton as the most important agricultural crop production. In northwest in the United States, there are still some use pulp timber wood chips and other by-products in the production of paper and cardboard. In tropical countries, sugar cane bagasse fiber is the main source of bagasse fine what do not have wood fiber, but it is suitable for the corrugated board manufacturing corrugated carton, etc. This kind of corrugated carton need special coating can be directly printed. Most portable bag kettle can recycling packaging materials, paper recycled fiber has many unique, it is virgin pulp of paper and cardboard surface will be more smooth and opacity of paper is higher, but the recycled paper and cardboard material often contains many impurities. In Europe, recycled cardboard for cardboard packaging, not deinking process of recycled paperboard coating kaolin or bleaching processing, can be used to obtain suitable for fine printing of packaging materials. Regeneration of corrugated board after dealing with the different ways of coating, access to a variety of excellent performance of printing, such as regeneration process to minimize the length of the fiber, although the recycled cardboard as well as native cardboard strong, but might as well or better surface printing performance. Suction nozzle pouch material with paper and plastic film's transparent cellophane actually is to use wood pulp production of packaging materials. Most of the portable outdoor water bag plastic come from non-renewable oil, but its supply can only enough to continue for decades. Because of the superior ore are continually decreased nearly dried up, made for the cost of some pure metal in constant increase. But still can get metal ore of aluminum and steel is very rich, such as less mine supply almost needed to build a glass will not dry up, but not all the ore sand raw materials for the production of glass.
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