The making craft of hui hua packing: high temperature cooking bags

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
At present most of the high-temperature cooking bags are made of dry after legal to, so we are here for you about the production of dry type composite technology. Is first selection. According to the end of the high-temperature cooking bags use how to conclude that choose what base material, combination, should use what kind of printing ink and adhesive. End use, refers to the bag packing is what kind of food, the weight of the package is how much. Good packaging should be endured high temperature after ( 121℃、128℃、135℃) And how long time ( 60 min, 40 min, 30 min, 20 min, 10 min or less) Cooking food made of cooking sterilization, want how long shelf life. Due to the different USES, the demand for high temperature cooking bags quality is different, the material of the combination of layout, adhesive and ink quality requirements is different also, therefore, there is money is not the same. Our company uphold the idea of moderate packaging, prevent the excessive packing of the function of excess, let the bags have a reasonable price, so, it is important to understand use. The second is concluded that technical parameters. After that the base material and adjuvant material, will be able to place the order to the workshop to produce. As a workshop production technology management and operating personnel, it is necessary to strictly in accordance with the technology of single led, requirements to preparation. Then, in the specific operation, a technology of single parameter to follow, which contains the glue roller line number and the network depth, glue solution concentration operation, bake, the heating temperature, blast volume rebate intrusive, boot speed bump, exhaust air rolling tension, and bake, tension, winding tension control, composite steel roller surface temperature and pressure, and so on. In the above technical parameters, the gluing quantity requirements, Usually 4 ~ 5 g/m2) And the amount of residual solvent ( National specification is less than 10 mg/m2, the company internal control best is less than 3 mg/m2) , is an important factor of quality cooking bags, it is necessary to seriously. The compound operation in detail, some adhesive supplier needs first to second floor ( PET/AL or OPA/AL) Compound after good to put it on the first 50 to 55 ℃ between slaking to place 4 h or after 12 h, then phase 2 three layers ( PET / AL / CPP或PET / AL / OPA) Composite, each composite good to have this process, but there are a lot of adhesive punishment to strike while the iron is hot to the second floor, three or even four layers, only in 50 ~ 55 ℃ aging chamber to let it maturation. Behind this kind of adhesive for yield management, the fruit of labor rate is favorable. The fourth is aging. About curing temperature and curing time, usually demand in 50 hold more than 48 h ~ 55 ℃, the best 72 h, but also some adhesive needs 15 ~ 7 days. This, it is necessary to press all kinds of crystal card type commodity specification requirements to do, most avoid is curing at room temperature was low, ripening time too short. Fifth, detect the bag. Compound after curing, to detect interlayer composite fastness and the amount of residual solvents, after data to reach the requirements, talents out enough to pouch. making steps, in strict accordance with the requirements for bag. Strictly control each checkpoint, ensure the quality problem.
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