The introduction of plastic packaging and printing

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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1, printing speed, pay attention to technology according to the individual, the speed of time adjust good printing ink and weather!
2, gravure version of the requirement is high, pay attention to select good cooperate better plate making factory.
3, before the next printing please confirm good first draft according to the design of printing color, carefully to confirm whether the company printing conditions permit, if they can meet the design draft printing requirements, to distinguish when printed by color version to print!
4, composite packaging printing, printing layer and food contact, pay attention to the printing layer.
generally the faster the speed of printing, the printing effect * good, so the printer also distinguish for high-speed printing machine, medium-speed printing machine, printer at low speed. * of the advantages of food packaging is a broad market space, because our life depends on it, especially the food packaging industry, it can not only extend the shelf life of food, can solve the problem of food hygiene *, became the food industry depend on the products, in addition to food can also be used in medicine, food and other industries of large scale, so the packaging application space is extremely broad, market prospect is very good. At present our country the packing pouch of technology compared with the developed countries still have certain gap, the first technology is not mature, the corresponding production equipment still use the traditional old equipment, the automation of mass production is a distance, so in this for the broad market prospect, we should develop production technology, improve production equipment, increase the product technological innovation, to speed up the pace of realizing automatic and intelligent production, increase productivity and product quality.
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