The fourth stage of development - bags — Environmental protection bags

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Packaging development has experienced four distinct phases: the original bags, big bags, small bags, now gradually into the environmental protection ( Green) A new stage of packaging bags. Hui hua packaging company for twelve years, the present use of material production, are sourced from premium brand, non-toxic, green environmental protection, no pollution, etc. With the development of commodity economy, the commercial of packaging itself also more and more significantly, it has become a no longer attached to the commodity production of special products, a kind of all the goods cannot leave, widely used products. At present there are two types of society generally treat environmental protection bags, one is able to reuse, is a kind of can be decomposed by soil. If it is the first one is general non-woven bag, if it is the second general is PE bag, non-woven pouch, kraft paper pouch, it will add a certain amount of additives ( Such as starch, modified starch or other cellulose, photosensitizer, biological JiangXieJi, etc. ) , decreased the stability of plastic packaging, easy degradation in the natural environment. This kind of new environmental protection plastic bags in the decomposition process will not release harmful substances, even is decomposed into insect natural substances, and to protect the natural environment played a great help. ( Illustrations for biodegradable paper bags) Hui hua packing company has 12 years of experience, to meet the multiple needs you.
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