The compound aluminum foil bag detection way appearance

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Detection bag surface of the metal wiredrawing, flatness, definition of new projects, such as inspection inspection if there is any significant creased and the eye of a needle, seal with zero pollution, etc. Appearance inspection way below the actual: composite bags, plastic bags

bag surface metal wire drawing. Puts hands at the compound aluminum foil bag, pointing to the 40 w fluorescent tube gently sway, according to the surface of refracted light, clearly found that the surface have scratches or marks. Metal wire drawing conditions most is made of plastic pouch making machine lead correctly guide roller is not clean, to ensure that guide roller clean. In addition, the guide roller rotation as compound aluminum foil bag would cause metal wiredrawing common faults. Bags, food bags

flatness inspection. Place the compound aluminum foil bag separate leveling desktop, if the surface bending, become warped outward or inward arch, showed that poor flatness, instead show good flatness, leading to poor flatness sake has several aspects: making bag, high temperature damage layer of the in-situ stress tensile strength; Structure is not scientific, the raw material itself its thickness unevenness, etc.

resolution examination. Some merchandise to the large-scale pattern design, definition inspection way is: to extract a bag of manufactured goods, through the concept of indirect light source to check inside the room, if blank have black spots, ring, such as fog condition, suggests that clarity is poor, on the contrary shows excellent sharpness. Custom bags, tea bags
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