The coating can prevent electrostatic water bag used?

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Water pouch type antistatic coatings coating technology and common external antistatic coating law production of antistatic film technology, used in the process of water pouch in the production of conductive coating coated on plastic surface, form a uniform coating coating, thus giving plastic electrical conductivity, making it has anti-static materials, water bag this kind of product than common external antistatic coating type antistatic plastic has better durability, which in principle can also be used in the manufacture of antistatic film. In recent 10 years, belongs to the water pouch of conductive coatings in the field of coating industry got rapid development, the performance is increasing day by day, species increased, and formed a conductive coating series ( Made from the conductive component and acrylic resin) 。
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