The cause of the high temperature cooking bags delaminating

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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1, high temperature cooking bags, adopted by the oil film and glue can not meet the water requirement
high-temperature cooking bags of ink, and glue are generally adopted by the manufactured using polyurethane resin, polyurethane resin is the better the performance of damp and hot, retort pouch adhesiveness and high temperature resistance is better, if your products will appear to take off the floor, may be you use ink or glue is attack by moisture in the water heating, the chemical reaction ( The hydrolysis) , which, in turn, reduces the viscosity of retort pouch, the problem can be questioned, ink and glue providers, to change the chemical structure of polyurethane resin can be improved by curing agent or food packaging company high-temperature cooking bags of ink and glue adhesion strength in the cooking process.
2, food packaging production enterprises of ink and glue problems
a operation, curing time is not enough, the curing chamber high-temperature cooking bags of basic curing time of 48 hours, but sometimes, according to the size of the high temperature cooking bags and ink surface size are adjusted accordingly. If the curing time is not enough, will result in printing ink layer of resistance to high temperature and hydrolysis performance degradation.
2, cooking glue curing agent ratio problems. The higher the ratio of curing agent is not retort pouch is more conform to the standard, more can lead to ink layer, less affect the printing ink layer adhesiveness and hydrolysis resistance.
3, using expired ink or glue. Overdue of ink and glue water activity is bad, can lead to water pouch adhesiveness can not meet the requirements.
3, ink, glue and inconsistent compatibility between film
according to the theory of adhesion, adhesive and glued surfaces when tension is equal and the polar phase at the same time, the interfacial tension of small *, * high adhesive strength. As a result, the surface of the ink, glue after curing film and film on the surface of the situation is likely to vary with different color printing factory products, due to various groups on the surface of the not well attract form intermolecular forces or react to form chemical bonds, even at low temperature have certain effect and form adhesion, but under the condition of high temperature, surface groups weak connection may damage occurring in the layer.

issue of 4, film in the following two aspects: one is the membrane treatment can not meet the requirements, or simply not processing. Operators often did not find the problem that after printing, composite, cured after adhesion fastness is not high, delaminating discovered this problem after cooking. In production practice, I have found several such examples. Second, some additives at high temperature within the film to speed up the free to the surface, may cause the loss of adhesion. Such as plastic film add opening agent, antistatic agent, smooth agent, etc.
high temperature cooking bags, cooking delaminating accident carefully distinguish the delaminating which occur in the interface between, find out about which two materials, and check whether in accordance with the requirements on production process operation, can exchange material comparison test at the same time, in order to find out the real reason for delaminating. First introduced here, today don't know if there is any help to everybody, if you are interested in our products welcome to order!
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