The application of custom packaging

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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customize packaging application 1. Sales packing is also called the small steamed stuffed bun or business, not only has a protective effect for the goods, and pay more attention to the packing of promotion and value-added function, through the design means to set up the goods and packaging boxes corporate image, attract customers, enhance the competitiveness of their products. Bottles, cans, boxes, bags and their combination packing generally belongs to the sales.
2, transport packing decorated, should have very good protection function and convenient storage and loading and unloading function, its appearance on storage precautions should have clear text and graphic.
according to the packing rejection form classification
can be divided into packaging, blister packaging, heat shrinkable packaging, portable packing and pallet packing, composition, etc.
1 packaging is sealing in the product made of plastic, and the product shape like profiles and materials between a form of packaging.
blister packaging is the product of sealing in the tree with transparent film materials between bubble and the cover material of a form of packaging.
heat shrinkable packaging is the product with heat shrinkable film wrapping package or pouch, by heating, shrink film and form a packaging product packaging form.
portable packaging is the packaging system have a handle on the container or similar device, in order to carry the package form.
stacking pallet packaging is the product or packaging on the tray, by bundling, wrapping package or bond method such as fixed and form a form of packaging.
combination packing is the same or similar goods together with appropriate packaging, forming a handling or sales unit of packaging forms.
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