Tell me about eight edge-sealing bag red jujube

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Red jujube in current life has become a must-have soup materials, is also on the normal life of leisure food. Red jujube is the vitamin content is very high, 'natural vitamin pill' reputation, have nourish Yin Yang, the effect of the blood. Jujube as temperate crops, strong adaptability. Red jujube, known as 'iron crops, has the characteristics of drought, waterlogging, is the first choice for developing water-saving horticulture thoroughbred. Small make up today will lead you to understand red jujube eight edge-sealing bag, a hui hua eight edge-sealing bag made of red date let everyone live chat on sugar more delicious. Red jujube eight edge-sealing bag products can be used to pack all kinds of red jujube, zizyphus jujube packaging, etc. The sealing is good, quality, high-grade appearance, can stand on its own self-styled, is the first ideal of merchants! Red jujube eight edge-sealing bag pouch USES is PET/AL/PE, PET/VMPET/PE material is made and be become, the material of environmental health. Applicable to all red jujube can be used to pack, zizyphus jujube packaging, etc. Red jujube eight edge-sealing bag sealing good, shading waterproof and moistureproof, fragrant fresh. Self-styled mouth zipper design, repeatable open, convenient and save. Hui hua company level 100000 clean production environment, 100% without ketone benzene ink production, perfect quality control system is the continuous quality assurance of your authority.
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