Tangyuan pick tips - — The Lantern Festival dumplings bags mainly see packing!

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Make yuanxiao Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival, always little not dumplings today may appear a little peak food sales and consumption. 'Spring earlier this year, the Lantern Festival the same time the temperature is high, therefore, the enterprise must strengthen the temperature control of warehousing, logistics links, especially ensure quick-frozen dumplings, tangyuan product storage, logistics transportation conditions to meet the requirements of the temperature of the frozen products, ensure food quality and safety. 'Hui hua packaging warns customer, when yuanxiao dumplings of choose and buy, do not buy products with frost or seem, is frost or seem that product storage temperature is not stable, can make the product microbial levels of influence on the quality of product. Tangyuan pick tips - — The Lantern Festival dumplings bags mainly see packing! For consumers, can choose 'normal seller + famous brand'. As far as possible to have a business qualification, reputable stores, buying, and selection of good quality, high visibility of formal manufacturer's product, 'double insurance ( Rest assured bartender) 'To ensure product quality. Careful buy products market stalls, neither pass food quality and safety inspection, there is no perfect storage conditions, easy to cause the 'secondary pollution' of food. Second, carefully check before buying food packing. Choose the packing seal well, packaging products without damage and deformation of the product, such as pouch contains more ice, may be caused by the product after thawing and freezing, had better not be bought; Whether at the same time pay attention to the food packaging is complete, check whether with 'QS' food quality and safety on the outer packing mark, whether the commodity name, ingredients, net content, name, address, telephone number, production date, shelf-life, product standards, etc. Choose good packaging manufacturer, to food safety is a key factor in choosing hui hua, buy rest assured that food packaging bags, tangyuan food packaging bags will have to choose remit China manufacturers, quality assurance, rest assured used. More bags in http://www. p10000。 cn/
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