Spout pouches provide a efficient and economical way to store and transport baby food, cleaning chemicals,institutional food packaging, alcoholic beverage add-ins, single serve fitness drinks, milk, and yogurt,etc. They are re-closable and produced with a weld spout size and form that could be customised as per clients need and requirement.


HUIHUA offers spout pouches with the ability to customize in multitude of ways: colour, type and shape, design, resistance layers and many more. They could be made compatible with retort applications and meets the FDA applications. Our products are made with excellent quality raw materials that have been checked and controlled by the FDA.


Using high-grade manufacturing and gravure printing technology, our spouted pouch products are well-equipped to safely store and transport both liquid and dry products without the mess. The spouted nozzle keeps liquids and powders sealed tightly to avoid premature expiration. Combined with excellent space and energy efficiency, these multipurpose pouches utilize more proficient production methods compared to rigid plastic packaging.

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