Several cause of eight edge-sealing bag torn bags

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Specific impact compound food eight edge-sealing bag broken bag many reasons, but the main reason has the following three aspects: 1, choice of raw material factors eight edge-sealing bag material must have enough thickness, thickness will cause the strength of the composite membrane is insufficient, resulting in broken bag. Note the addition of reworked material in the material, reworked material performance will reduce, add too much, composite film strength is insufficient, resulting in broken bag. Are generally made from PE material is suitable, so we chose eight edge sealing material is to have cultured. 2, bag making process has eight edge-sealing bag bag making process is also very exquisite bag, bag of the temperature is too high, cause the loss of heat sealing material around the area of the heat sealing performance, the pressure of the bag is too big, cause heat sealing materials out of the heat sealing, the sealing of the bounding strength is reduced, resulting in eight edge-sealing bag torn bags in fall. Heat seal bag making too sharp or have mechanical fly thorn, will damage the edge of the bag heat sealing, resulting in broken bag phenomenon. 3, peel strength of composite film eight edge-sealing pouch also should notice to the strength of the composite membrane, if composite film peel strength is too low, to meet the multi-layer composite force requirements at the same time, due to force can't better dispersion, so in the process of falling, will cause broken bag. In addition, in high temperature cooking bags, because some adhesive heat resistance is not good, especially in some complex structure, when high temperature cooking, also causes in the sealing side of rupture, composite film delaminating phenomenon. More bags: WWW. p10000。 Cn order eight edge-sealing bag, preferred hui hua packing products co. , LTD. , tel: (13650118600)
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