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by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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the development of enterprises is in the process of constantly innovation breakthrough growing, new CPPCC will, * requirements for food in countries with more strictly, in order to put an end to food *, not only in the food processing enterprise and control the more stringent requirements, the requirements of each link related to food and more strict. Food packing bag as the lining of the used for direct contact with food packaging, of course also more strict to the requirement of it, the new five-year * on food packaging production is also greatly increased the management strength, food packaging printing enterprises also show constantly surpass themselves, in the packaging production of health must first meet the national verification standard ( QS certification) , the workshop must be clean health not, printing and packaging products to the environment pollution caused by the compound use of ink and other solvents should be *, no peculiar smell, will not bring damage, in the process of pouch making food to no dust, no foreign body into the bag, these problems are directly related to food *. Food bags about *, it is a direct contact with food packaging, shall ensure that qualified to use. Food * problems appear constantly, demands that we all food related links to keep careful, must not neglect. Hui hua packaging should strive to do * to the requirement of countries, to find and solve problems in the process of production, we believe that our products are sold in food packaging can comfortably at the top of, let's strive for a better tomorrow, come on! Our lovely food sack, run! !
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