Roll stock film is becoming a packaging essential. It is made of multiple raw material layers that are chosen depending on the customer’s requirement, being widely used in high speed production for flexible packaging in a wide range of flexible packaging applications such as food, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and pouch applications, etc.


We believe that successful brands rely on running your packaging lines at their optimum level. At HUIHUA, our high-quality films and gravure printing technology ensure that your customized printing roll stock gives your brand a premium look and feel, with best-in-class performance.


We are proud to offer up to 10 color quality printed multi-layered films in a wide variety of widths to accommodate your specific  needs for everything — from granola bars to packaged snacks to single-serve sample packs — and is most suited to brands looking to create pillow pouches, packets, sachets and lay-flat pouches using your own pouch-making equipment. Our team of flexible packaging experts will work with you one-on-one to determine the best type of film, such as laminated roll stock,  sealant, and barrier protection based on your specific needs.


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