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by:Huihua     2020-03-10
BEL_3681 won the d Ippolito award.
Right JPGRachel Gonzalez and Gabe Baldosaro prepare for the upcoming parent appreciation/entertainment night, Wednesday. 18, 2013.
D. Ippolito Primary School recently won the 2013 Partner School Award for its parent outreach activities. (File Photo)
Vineland\'s d Ippolito primary school students earn money and prizes for their school by collecting and recycling beverage bags used at home and in the lunch room.
D\'Ippolito TerraCycle students recently reached the second level and Capri sunshine beverage storage bag tour®Race by collecting more than 18,000 beverage bags, milestones.
The students earned $1,800 for their school by collecting beverage bags.
Beverage bag Brigade®Is a free recycling program that rewards people for collecting garbage and sending it to TerraCycle®Be recycled or updated.
The milestone project began in September 2013, when Capri Sun added prizes to collect certain amounts.
Now, in addition to the money they earn for each piece of waste collected, participants can also win prizes made from recycled beverage bags such as park benches, recycling bins, playgrounds, and other fun rewards.
\"The milestone project is designed to motivate individuals and organizations to collect more waste while at the same time getting prizes for their achievements,\" said Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle . \".
\"It is beneficial to see students and the administration put so much into the work.
Taking so many bags out of waste logistics is an incredible achievement.
\"Thousands of other schools in the United States participated in the beverage bag brigade.
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