Production technology of chicken essence monosodium glutamate packaging bag

by:Huihua     2020-02-24
At present, the main frozen foods in the market are divided into four categories: 1. Aquatic quick-frozen foods; 2, fruit and vegetable frozen food, such as bamboo shoots, edamame, etc; 3, livestock frozen food, such as pork, chicken, etc; 4, conditioning quick-frozen foods, such as pasta dumplings, dumplings, buns, hot pot fish dumplings, fish balls, tribute balls, wrapped noodles fried chicken, squid, and dishes and food. Now, the safety of frozen food is also getting more and more attention. The main aspects that affect the safety of frozen food are: first, the fresh quality of raw materials of processed food; The second is whether the processing process is polluted; The third is the quality of the packaging, whether there is a broken bag pollution; The fourth is whether the whole process is cold chain. Good frozen food packaging must have five characteristics: first, it must have high barrier property to prevent the product from contacting with oxygen and moisture volatilization; Second, impact resistance and puncture resistance; Third, low temperature resistance, packaging materials even in-No deformation or brittle cracking at 45 °c. Fourth, oil resistance; Fifth, it is hygienic to prevent toxic and harmful substances from migrating into food. The production process of chicken essence monosodium glutamate packaging bag introduces Turpan, such as glue, ink, etc. Cutting, when we print, we usually print several bags on the same film, * * * limit the use of materials, saving costs. The purpose of slitting is to separate these printed bags. If it is made into an automatic packaging roll film, it can be directly rolled up with roller paper. Bag making, the printing film is made into the desired bag type, such as three-sided seal, four-sided seal, eight-sided seal bag, etc. I believe that after reading the above packaging bag making process, I have an understanding of the automatic packaging roll film, so how does the automatic packaging roll film make the packaging bag? The printing surface of each bag of the automatic packaging roll film is surrounded by a black rectangular color block, which we call 'Electric Eye Position'. When making the packaging bag, our automatic bag packing machine mainly distinguishes each bag according to the electric eye position. Finally, the automatic packaging machine will wrap the food and make it into a food packaging bag. In this way, the process of filling products is reduced. Especially powder, granular, colloid and other products. It is much more convenient to operate with automatic packaging film than packaging bags. If you want to know more about automatic packaging film and packaging bag, you can contact our customer service directly! Whether the processing process is polluted. The quality of the package is good or bad, and whether there is broken bag pollution. No full cold chain. So, what should be paid attention to in vacuum frozen food packaging bags? There are seven aspects that should be paid attention to in vacuum Frozen Food Packaging: packaging standards and regulations. Characteristics and protective conditions of vacuum frozen food. Performance and scope of application of packaging materials. Food market positioning and circulation area conditions. Influence of packaging overall structure and materials on vacuum frozen food. Reasonable packaging structure design and decoration design. Packaging inspection. Vacuum frozen food packaging must have five characteristics: high barrier property to prevent contact between products and oxygen and moisture volatilization. Impact resistance and puncture resistance. Low temperature resistance, packaging materials even in-No deformation or brittle cracking at 45 °c. Oil resistance. Hygienic, anti-toxic, harmful substances migrate into food. Vacuum frozen food packaging bags should meet the requirements of large circulation. From production, transportation to sales, maintain the quality characteristics of vacuum frozen products and prevent the pollution of bacteria and harmful substances. Food packaging bags, as the name implies, use appropriate packaging materials, packaging containers and advanced packaging technology to wrap food, however, the food can maintain its value and original state during transportation and storage, and finally achieve the effect of ensuring food safety. Food packaging bags play an important role in modern commodity society and are inseparable from people's lives. As for the meaning of food packaging, at first people thought it was only an appliance for containing articles and protecting flexible packaging products, and later added the function of facilitating transportation and use, then, the role of publicity and promotion of product sales has been increased. At the end of the 20th century, the world's environmental protection atmosphere was rising day by day, so food packaging bags were endowed with pollution-free and easy-to-handle environmental protection characteristics. Following the advent of the 21st century, China proposed to build an economic-saving society and a harmonious society. Therefore, the 'green food packaging bag' appeared, which mainly focused on low consumption, low emission and high efficiency. With the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards. People's requirements for food packaging bags are also getting higher and higher. What will Food packaging look like in the future? Let's wait and see!
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