Portable water bag plus web gravure printing method

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
Outdoor sports water bottle in the print drum gravure proofing problems, can be avoided by adding web gravure printing method. Fold the water pouch and gravure network refers to a gravure cylinder made of offset printing color piece of technology, namely the offset printing color separation after proofing, sample can used for offset printing plate can also be used to made of gravure cylinder. Of the digital and network intaglio printing color separation can be used to drive the engraving machine. As long as choosing the appropriate computer correction, if the gravure printing ink and offset printing ink color matching each other, the preparation of gravure cylinder can offset printing sample with the color matching. Water pouch and gravure network method has great advantages in the field of publishing, since neither use offset printing or gravure printing magazine advertisements are able to use the same set of color piece of plate making. Add web gravure printing method has also been accepted by packaging printing house, because it can use offset printing proofing method. Downside is needed to SWOP/gravure ink, GAA Group VI) Not early, ink and packaging gravure printing ink and bright, and the natural intaglio printing more than offset printing ink density, color intensity is higher, especially in bright colors. But added web gravure method really convenient proofing work, it is much more convenient than using continuous separation film proofing.
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