Plastic packaging bags are an indispensable tool in daily life

by:Huihua     2020-02-24
Vacuum packaging enables lactic acid bacteria and anaerobic bacteria to proliferate and reduce pH to 5. 6 ~ 5. 8. Further inhibit the growth of other bacteria, thus prolonging the storage period of the product. There are many problems to consider when making good packaging bags. The following is a rough introduction to several key tasks required for food packaging by the supervisor working in plastic packaging. Aluminum foil bags are generally required to be stored without direct sunlight and kept away from fire sources. They can be stored for 2 years at room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Aluminum foil bags are also called polyamide 66 or nylon 66. Yellowish translucent or milky white opaque resin. Relative density 1. 14 ~ 1. 15, melting point 259 ~ 267 ℃. Wear-resistant, oil-resistant, self-lubricating, heat resistance, strength and rigidity are the highest varieties of aliphatic nylon. Tensile strength 75. 9 ~ 82. 9MPa, compressive strength 91MPa, cantilever impact strength (GAP)4kJ/m, Thermal Deformation temperature (1. 82MPa) 75℃, hardness R120, volume resistivity 1015 Ω cm, dielectric strength 35kV/m, self-extinguishing. It is prepared by polycondensation of adipic acid and hexanediamine. Can be extruded, injection molding, blow molding and other methods of molding processing. Can be reinforced, filled and alloyed. A large number of plastic packaging bags used for fiber and tire curtains can be divided into plastic woven bags and plastic film bags according to different product structures and uses. Plastic woven bags are currently widely used as packaging materials for fertilizers, chemical products and other articles. Its main production process is to use plastic raw materials to extrude film, cut and stretch into flat wire, and to obtain products through warp and weft weaving, commonly known as woven bags. Features: light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, etc. , after adding plastic film lining, it can be moisture-proof and moisture-proof; The load capacity of the light bag is 2. Below 5 kg, medium bag load capacity is 25-50 kg, heavy bag load 50-100 kg. First of all, it can be divided into transparent and opaque ones in appearance. Transparent packaging bags can see the food inside from the outside, while opaque packaging bags cannot see the food inside from the outside. The information printed on the packaging bag for pre-sale of food is strictly subject to the food safety law. As long as food is purchased in a regular store, the information on the packaging bag is of great reference value, through the pre-sale packaging information, we can see the nutrition composition table, gram weight, manufacturer SC standard implementation standards, etc. , accurately grasp the information on the food packaging bag, you can have a better user experience, for example, people who lose weight can judge whether it is a polysaccharide high-calorie food according to the nutrient composition table on the packaging bag. So as to choose the right product. That is to achieve the purpose of losing weight, but also enjoy the food. The material performance of vacuum packaging bag directly affects the storage life of food and its taste. The material of the snack bag is composed of multi-layer plastic film, and the single-layer plastic film feels soft, which easily creates an illusion, accidentally, the edge of the plastic bag will scratch the finger. Don't underestimate these plastic bags, their edges are sometimes sharper than blades. Especially plastic composite packaging bags made of aluminum foil and kraft paper.
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