Plastic bags the diversity of the function

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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the packing bag of plastic bags is a kind of have a variety of functions, both to do food packaging bags, will also be able to do daily necessities packaging, but also can make clothing packaging, hardware, native products, daily groceries,.
this characteristic of plastic bags, associated with its low capital, high performance, plastic and cloth to match up, is a kind of high performance and low capital packaging material, the same size plastic bags are much cheaper than a pouch.
because the one-time use of packaging features, therefore, in terms of packaging, it is not necessary to use cloth bags, use disposable plastic bags can reach full purpose.
plastic bags on the packaging of superior performance and pay attention to by enterprises and businesses that are getting more and more widespread application.
custom bags in use after a period of time, will happen wrinkling appearance, to use a lot of inconvenience. Although the same as the wrinkle, but the cause of wrinkling is not the same, sometimes is raw material question, have a plenty of improper use. The cause of the custom bags wrinkling, generally speaking, there are many, of course also have corresponding disposal methods. Now a brief introduction to five the custom bag wrinkled willingly, and put forward the corresponding disposal measures for us to see.
a, base material thickness is not uniform, its thickness difference is too big.
the disposal of the custom pouch wrinkled way: communication quality qualified film.
2, base material roll deflection.
the disposal of the custom bag wrinkle: adjust the orientation of the film, make its deflection does not occur in the process of transmission.
3, excess glue quantity may lack, interlayer sliding occurs; Uneven coating will also cause some buckling.
the disposal of the custom bag wrinkle: adjust the amount of glue, and uniform coating.
4, adhesive and drab, residual solvent is too much, stick relay is small, the composite of two kinds of base material.
the disposal of the custom bag wrinkle: adjust the technical parameters, the adhesive can abundant drab, decline of solvent residue.
5, composite membrane directly without cooling or cooling roll, high temperature soft composite membrane brief wrinkling.
the disposal of the plastic wrinkling way: composite membrane should be first through abundant cooling before winding.
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