Packaging bag to undertake personalized customization

by:Huihua     2020-02-24
Seasoning packaging bags to undertake personalized customization mainly contract eight-sided packaging bags, cat food dog food bags, jujube bags, nut bags, coffee bags, perennial production, foreign trade exports. Vacuum bags, food bags, aluminum foil bags, chemical packaging bags and other composite packaging bags business, the company is equipped with professional designers, free to serve you, welcome new and old customers to call to discuss. The application of film products is also divided into many PET Films, New York films, aluminum films, PE films and CP films. Usually the inner layer of the package; CPP: high temperature cooking inner layer; Features: violent blocking of air, anti-oxidation, waterproof, moisture-proof, machine function, high anti-function, puncture resistance, high temperature resistance, fragrance characteristics. Excellent, non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for food, packaging and hygiene standards. As long as the aluminum foil bag manufacturers, as long as the food and packaging hygiene standards, for a long time has always been favorite, food, chemical, machinery and electronics industries such as plastic flexible packaging requirements of quality. Generally speaking, the personalization of innovative brand packaging is not only a strong broadcasting effect, but also can show the corporate image. However, with the development of printing technology, aluminum foil bags are diversified and their appearance is random, however, it also caters to the popularity. Personalized packaging also follows the development of the period and at the same time satisfies the hearts of huangkou pediatric consumers. Rare Aluminum foil packaging bag. That is, it does not absorb light. The appearance is the same as the daily anti-gloss feature. With the continuous development of society, consumers' requirements for food are gradually increasing. Nowadays, the market's requirements for food packaging are no longer satisfied with beauty and safety, but also need convenience. Among them, as an indispensable part of the market, the packaging form and materials of the milk powder industry have begun to change. Of course, if the milk powder packaging industry really enters the reform period, then the milk powder packaging equipment industry will also change. At present, the milk powder packaging sold on the market mainly includes metal cans and plastic soft packaging bags. Metal cans have good sealing performance and long shelf life, but their production and transportation costs are relatively high. Therefore, only a few large well-known dairy enterprises have applied this packaging form to some products. The market price of canned milk powder of the same quality is generally more than 30% higher than that of bagged milk powder. Therefore, with the intensification of competition in the dairy industry, affected by cost factors, metal can packaging has the possibility of being gradually replaced by light plastic packaging. Other milk powder packaging. Eight-sided sealing bag, eight-sided sealing flat zipper bag, coffee, dried fruit products eight-sided sealing bag, seafood eight-sided sealing flat bag, four-sided sealing bag, four-sided sealing zipper bag, upright bag, other packaging bags, roll film and other products have been used for many years. production history, mature technology, exported to Australia, Canada, the United States, Singapore, Japan and other countries eight-sided packaging bags 【Name]Eight-sided packaging bag 【Size]Bags are made according to the size provided by customers 【Thickness]According to the thickness of the customer to provide bags 【Material] BOPP LLDPE/MattFilm LLDPE/PET/PET LLDPE/PET al lldpe <【Packaging]According to the needs of customers, cartons are generally used. 【MOQ]20000 【Delivery time]15-20 days 【Advantages]1. Beautiful and novel, improve product grade. 2. Save space ( Does not take up too much space in storage or transportation). 3. Standing up can attract consumers' attention. Can be customized to different specifications and styles of packaging bags, can be made into flat pockets, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. The product must be tested by GB and ASTM standards, and the product meets the requirements of environmental protection (Third-party test report available) The product meets the most stringent environmental standards for packaging materials in the EU and North America. Pretreatment of aluminum foil packaging bag printing. The surface of the plastic film * * * is treated by electric spark or flame. Currently, the commercially available treatment-free plastic ink has improved its firmness after printing, but the printed matter is placed 1 ~ The firmness has declined in 2 months. Common Aluminum foil bags generally have anti-gloss characteristics on their surfaces, which means that they do not absorb light and are made of multiple layers. Therefore, aluminum foil paper has good shading properties, it also has strong isolation and good oil resistance and softness due to its aluminum composition. After printing aluminum foil packaging bags. Natural drying speed is slow and takes up a lot of space; If conditions permit, it is the conveyor belt of a drying device.
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