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by:Huihua     2020-02-24
The integrity, strength and product quality of the packaging bag manufacturer customized conscience enterprise are recognized by the industry. The main products of the company include: automatic packaging film, food bag, vacuum bag, high temperature retort pouch, aluminum foil bag, self-sealing bag, self-supporting bag, etc. By setting the * * * requirements for the performance of packaging materials, the quality of the whole process from the supply of packaging raw materials, packaging technology to packaging effect is guaranteed. Therefore, the barrier performance, compression performance, puncture resistance, tear resistance and impact resistance of finished frozen food packaging bags should be strictly tested and controlled. Sealing and packaging food is the last process of modern food industry. Food packaging bags play an important role in protecting, publicizing and facilitating food storage, transportation and sales. However, if food packaging bags are not safe, what about the function of protecting food? In addition, the safety of food packaging bags should be from materials--Processing--Printing-- Every step of testing is strictly controlled to ensure food safety. The potential safety hazard of food packaging materials is manifested in three aspects: first, the potential safety hazard of packaging materials themselves; The second is to illegally add various processing aids in the production process; The third is the pollution caused by packaging bag printing. The traditional packaging bag printing ink mainly includes resin type and solvent type. (6)The contents are varied. According to the number of composite layers: two layers, three layers, four layers or more high temperature cooking packaging bags. According to the light transmission: transparent high temperature cooking bag, opaque high temperature cooking bag. According to the function: ordinary high temperature cooking bag, high barrier high temperature cooking bag. According to the composite method, it is divided into dry composite and coextrusion composite. The high-temperature retort pouch will eventually withstand the test of the packaging process of the contents and the subsequent sterilization process, which will have a great impact on it. The finished product of the final packaging and sterilization treatment must be a flat bag surface, and the packaging material itself has no shrinkage, wrinkling, foaming, delamination, leakage and other phenomena. Select appropriate materials and structures according to the morphology and properties of the contents, such as solid, liquid or solid-liquid mixed states, different material structures should be selected, meat contents with bones and thorns cannot be punctured before and after high temperature cooking. If the acidity and alkalinity of the contents are different, the material structure and material specifications of the bag should also be adjusted as required. Food companies use retort bags in batches. During the transportation process and the storage temperature of the seller's warehouse, many products are caused by room temperature interruption exceeding 37 degrees Celsius, one cold and one heat, and internal condensation water. Reaction between food additives to produce gas or reaction between food additives and ingredients to produce gas. At present, most of the high-temperature cooking food packaging bags on the market are made by dry composite method, and a few can also be made by solvent-free composite method or co-extrusion composite method. The quality of dry composite is higher than that of solvent-free composite, the arrangement and combination of materials are more reasonable and extensive than that of co-extrusion composite, and the use is more reassuring. In our country, 100% of high-temperature cooking food packaging bags are currently manufactured by dry composite method, so today we only talk about dry composite manufacturing process. The first is the selection of materials. According to the end use of high-temperature cooking food packaging bags, it is necessary to determine which substrates, how to combine them, and which ink and adhesive to use. The so-called end use refers to the nature of the food to be packaged in the bag. It has protection function. Bags made of composite membranes are called composite bags. Through the nose, some inferior composite film bags have solvent residue and irritating smell. Scraping the coating on the surface of the composite film bag by hand, some inferior composite film bag coatings have weak adhesion and the coating falls off. Observe whether the composite film bag has delamination phenomenon. Some inferior composite film bags have low composite strength and are prone to delamination phenomenon. Check whether the sealing of the bag mouth of the composite bag is firm, and whether the composite film bag can withstand certain tearing and pulling, etc. Food packaging bags are a broad concept. It can be divided into: ordinary food packaging bags, vacuum bags, boiled bags, high temperature retort bags and functional packaging bags. Food packaging bags are widely used in our life. Today, we will not talk about its quality. Food packaging bags can not only ensure the quality and convenient storage of food, its exquisite appearance is also a means of sales, so do you know what problems food packaging bags should pay attention to when printing in order to print such exquisite patterns? Let's take a look at them together. Eight-sided Kraft paper packaging bags are usually made of pure wood pulp, which is much better than plastic packaging bags in terms of hygiene and safety. Moreover, Kraft paper packaging bags can be recycled and reused, and are superior to plastic packaging bags in environmental protection. As early as before, we have already started to use eight-sided Kraft paper packaging bags, but they have not been applied to food packaging, but only to office supplies. Gradually, people found that Kraft paper is a kind of packaging material that can be well used, and it began to be packaged on food, and now Kraft paper food packaging bags have appeared. People have carried out a series of packaging design and structural design on the eight-sided Kraft paper packaging bag. Make it give full play to the eight-sided Kraft paper packaging bag. If you want to order, you can contact us at ease in Demao plastic industry. We can guarantee the product quality and supply speed. The types of heat sealing materials are different and the Heat sealing strength is different; The heat sealing strength of products with the same film and different polymerization methods is different; The thickness and uniformity of the material will also affect the Heat sealing strength; Different processing methods of heat sealing layer.
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