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by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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food packaging has many advantages, including * important food packaging to ensure the food *, today, small make up to you to introduce food sack * :
1. Can reduce the risk of transportation * plays an important role.
2. Avoid food to other goods.
3. Can reduce the food was stolen.
4. Very strong and have some food packaging, is used to protect the interests of businesses from losses.
5. Packaging can have laser logo, special color, SMS certification labels, etc.
6. Other retailers to prevent theft, with electronic monitoring label on food packaging bags, such as the export of consumers to shop for demagnetization.

food packaging is part of the food products. Food packaging is one of the main engineering in the process of food industry. It protect the food, make food to consumers' hands in leave factory circulation process, prevent biological, chemical, and physical external factors of the damage, it also can keep the food itself stable quality function, its edible convenience food, food is the first performance appearance, attract consumer's image, with the value beyond the material cost. Therefore, food packing process is an inseparable part of the food manufacturing systems engineering. But food packing process versatility and it has a relatively independent system of self.
because food packaging monolayer film always has its inherent advantages and disadvantages and cannot satisfy the more and more goods and more and more demanding food packaging requirements, and therefore must be the performance of two or more than two kinds of different film or laminated materials, complement each other, each other to fully meet the requirements of food packaging. The composed of multilayer composite materials with different food packaging materials bag, also called compound pouch. Packed in composite bag food packaging in general requirements.
food sack compound pouch has * block performance, excellent resistance to type sterilization, cold storage, etc, is to realize the * of food packaging. Compound bag can be used for jelly shuang, acid ( Fresh) Milk, beverage, jam, etc all kinds of liquid beverage, food packaging, or used for milk powder, candy and other granular, powder food packaging bags.
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