mum accidentally puts smirnoff frozen drink in her child’s lunch box

by:Huihua     2020-03-10
The mother told her daughter to take a frozen drink bag from the fridge, which she found.
Picture: FacebookSource: supply there are a lot of lunchboxes shaming these days-
Everyone has an opinion on what your child should or should not pack at school to eat.
First, we ate an outrageous \"chocolate chip door\" and then made a fuss over a homemade cake.
But according to Kidspot, home baked goods did not gain much in a recent controversial lunch box food tour.
A mother raised the stigma to a whole new level of humor.
So much so that after discovering a very inappropriate drink, she decided to humiliate herself on Facebook --year-Old lunch box.
When the mother sent her child to school, she never expected to receive a caring phone call from the teacher about the content of her daughter\'s lunch box.
She wrote in a Facebook post: \"When you tell your five-year-old prep student to put a frozen juice bag in her lunch box and you forget another bag in the refrigerator, epic lunch box failed!
Image: FacebookSource: serving the little girl, like her mom said, took a \"frozen juice bag\" from the fridge \".
There must be juice.
Lots of raspberries and a small amount of smirk vodka.
\"This is a very interesting phone call from the teacher! ” the mum said. Fortunately —
The schools in Queensland are very good.
Mom was smart enough to turn the situation into a joke.
\"They are very good about it, haha.
I lit it up (
Apparently innocent on behalf of my daughter).
I apologize for not sending enough emails to the teacher, they just laughed thankfully.
When mom shared it on Facebook, most of the 2,000 kids
In addition, the people who responded also found it equally interesting: \"I just spit my wine on the teacher\'s face!
One wrote.
\"My daughter\'s teacher might drink it! ” another said.
\"She can pack my lunch!
One commenter joked.
One mom said she was going to hide her raspberry vodka sorbet to make sure she didn\'t get a call from the kids school: \"There\'s some in my fridge that\'s best to hide them, that won\'t happen to me!
The other is more concerned about where she can buy the \"frozen juice bag\" of the special mummy \".
\"Where did you buy it from? ” she wrote.
The article originally appeared on Kidspot.
Which lunch box is \"healthy person?
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