* mobile marketing new blue ocean food packaging industry development speed

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, puts forward higher requirements on commodity packaging. Where there are goods, there is packaging. Over the past two decades, relying on the rapid development of China's economic dimension, the Chinese market has been no. 1 in the world most of the food industry. China's food industry upgrading and economic globalization and on food packaging, storage, transportation, fast, and the cost of health put forward higher request, this directly led to food packaging, packaging printing, label printing, and the rapid development of related industries. According to authorities forecast: in the next few years the development of food manufacturing industry will be more quickly, the average annual growth rate will remain around 16%, to 2015 total output value is expected to exceed 600 billion yuan. So, as the promotion of the development of packaging and printing, food packaging industry in China will usher in a new development opportunity.

as a famous domestic food packaging industry experts, more than 20 years of rich experience make wei-dong gu food packaging industry in China has its own unique insights. Combined with the mobile Internet, is the key for the development of food packaging industry, and create & other; Food packaging bags & throughout; Mobile client is wei-dong gu for the food packaging industry in the mobile Internet is of great significance to step.

today, with the rapid development of mobile Internet industry, mobile phone client become new mobile applications in mobile Internet industry product, the product makes people from the tense work environment using fragments of time can browse to browse information, simple, convenient, fast, direct is one of the characteristics of mobile client has, in the subway, bus, visit with people leisure time * to provide people with information that is mobile client ( 应用程序) * strong function.
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