Mask packaging: public security sub-bureau abort a counterfeiting dens seized fake bags more than twenty thousand

by:Huihua     2020-10-27
In April 2015, the central scroll public security bureau police brigade, no. 1 of the town of golden phoenix phoenix hills, road west hon jiangxi packaging materials co. , LTD. , is illegal manufacturing aupres series cosmetics packaging.

over a period of time after investigation, police brigade basically may understand the personnel of the counterfeiting dens and dens. On April 13, forensic team quickly organized forces to inventory check the dens. Alleged safe havens in the workshop, the fake aupres brand 20300 mask pouch and 4 used for printing copper plate, and back to those involved in the five people on the spot. After verification, detained CAI ( Male, 27 years old, in jiangxi province ganzhou city) , Xie Mou Lin ( Male, 44 years old, in jiangxi province pingxiang) The two, etc.

the interrogation, the suspect Xie Mou Lin, CAI some illegal and criminal confessed to the production and sale of counterfeit goods. Metasomatism, March 26, 2015, received a order through alibaba, through QQ and customer contact, customer down from the 30000 face film bags, according to customer requests after they are ready to sample, the customer confirmed the order and to its 2500 yuan deposit, start production on April 5, to inform the client will be April 6 production to the goods.

at present, the case has been transferred to procuratorate prosecuted. Bags, food bags
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