Market analysis of high temperature cooking bags

by:Huihua     2020-10-27

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I company with the domestic famous scientific research institutions to establish a close cooperative relationship, to combine technological innovation and independent research and development, we always stand in technology and market demands, for high temperature cooking bags in their contributions to the development and progress of China. Small make up today with everyone together to learn the market analysis of high temperature cooking bags,
in terms of market, aluminum foil composite film packaging food for opaque within that consumers can't see the color of content and form, for consumers to buy, and some manufacturers use aluminum-plastic composite membrane opaque mask product defects, even deception, entrap consumer. For this reason, most consumers choose completely transparent packaging, and not to choose opaque lu: su composite film packaging, cause this kind of packing food sales. Lu: su composite packaging cannot use microwave heating, more expensive compared with plastic film, all of these affect the application of aluminum-plastic composite membrane. So the food processing industry have been hoping that packaging material technology can provide a barrier property and aluminum-plastic composite membrane are similar, but is completely transparent, and such alternative lu: su composite packaging materials as can bear high temperature cooking
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