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by:Huihua     2020-03-08
Pune/Mumbai: after raising the stakes in stopping milk bag packaging in the state\'s dairy farms, State Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam held a meeting on December 11 to find a solution to the problem
The dairy representative, the dairy development minister and the Ministry of Environment officials will attend the meeting to address the misconceptions on the pouch.
Kadam clarified that the department did not prohibit plastic manufacturers from supplying plastic sheets.
The dairy farm must ensure that the raw material is stamped to ensure that it is not used for anything else, he said.
Milk suppliers are only told to ensure the correct purchase, Kadam said
The back scheme of the bag they haven\'t used yet.
The dairy representative told TOI on Friday that more than 200 large dairy companies might stop packing polyethylene and buy milk from farmers, even if one of them ran out of plastic film after the third week of December.
Plastic manufacturers in the state and Dammam decided in November to stop plastic films (
Used to make milk bags)
Supply to dairy farms on the grounds of concern that they are not prepared to expand producer responsibility (EPR)
Plan according to the state\'s plastic ban.
The EPR relates to the model for submitting waste collection systems approved by the authorities.
The dairy farm said it was unable to prepare the EPR on the grounds that it was impractical in implementation.
Once the pouch packaging is stopped at the dairy farm, the milk supply may be affected as there is no other option.
Kadam said that we only said that milk bags must have a deposit of 50 paise in order to Re1 per bag, and once they are empty, customers must return them in lieu of the deposit for recycling.
But it has not been done so far.
Prakash Kutwal, secretary of the milk producers and processing Workers\' Welfare Association, which has 203 members in the state, said that even if a dairy product expires after December 15, the association will be notified.
Other dairy farms will stop packing bags within three days.
The dairy farm has doubled the stock of film, so no one will have to reach the point where the bag packaging stops, especially for the benefit of farmers and customers.
Kutwal said that even if a dairy farm owner ran out of film, all the dairy farms would support him.
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