liquid pouch packaging market to surpass $10.5bn by 2024: global market insights, inc.

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The market for small liquid bags is over $10.
5bn before 2024: Global Market Insight
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Industry growth report liquid small bag packaging market size packaging (Rigid, flexible), By Material (
Polyester, polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, aluminum, fittings, tubes and mouth), By Product (
Pillowcase, bracket-
Up bag, 4 side seals, Spout bag)
According to the application (
Food and beverage]
Baby food, liquid, sticky, paste,Industrial [
Lubricants, liquids, paints and coatings
Personal care [
Shampoo, shampoo, Homecare [
Laundry detergent, softener]
Drugs [
Cream and gel, syrup)Through Technology (
Blow Molding Machine, form filling Seal, sterile)
Industry analysis report and Regional Outlook (U. S.
Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Russia, Spain, China, India, Japan, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa)
2017-price trends, competitive market share and forecast
2024, \"byGlobal market insight
SaysLiquid small bag packaging market cross USD10.
5 billion to 2024. (Logo: )
Due to changes in population structure and lifestyle, consumers\' preferences for convenient packaging solutions are changing, which is a key trend factor driving the demand for liquid packaging.
High elasticity, low weight and easy carrying will be the key performance to enhance product penetration.
The increase in consumption of energy drinks and the prevalence of health awareness will drive growth.
Global energy and beverage spending exceeded $40 billion in 2016.
Sample requirements for this study report @ pillow products accounted for more than 34% of the liquid bag packaging market share in 2016.
With the heavy consumption of dairy products such as milk, condensed milk, yogurt and cream, competitive prices will drive the development of this field.
By 2024, the global dairy industry will generate more than $450 billion in revenue, and China will become the main consumer market. Stand-
More than $1 liquid bag packaging market.
5 billion per cent of income was 2016 per cent.
Being able to stand upright and provide an attractive aesthetic look for retail shelves is a key attribute.
Due to ease of handling and low shelves, the retailer\'s product adoption rate has increased
Space demand will stimulate demand.
Pot pockets are the fastest-growing products due to favorable factors including ease of transport, handling and preparation of dumping.
Demand for information bags may increase by more than 7% by 2024.
Global baby food spending exceeded $50 billion in 2016.
Daycare centers or nurseries also have a strong consumption of spout products because they provide services at easefacability.
Polyethylene is widely \"with the packaging material 2 billion of income more than 2016 dollars.
The critical properties offered by the material include high insulation, durability and flexibility, as well as dirt and moisture resistance.
With the adjustment of the environment, the rising trend of polymer prices will affect the growth of the industry.
Browse the main industry insights on page 800, which includes 944 market data and reports \"liquid bag Packaging Market Forecast, 2017-
2024 \"and catalogue: In 2016, flexible liquid bag packaging generated more than $5 billion in revenue.
The shift in preferences for portable products increases product demand.
In addition, the product can be easily labeled and printed for various designs.
Food and beverages account for more than 50% of the industry.
Increased consumer awareness of hygiene and increased spending on ready-to-eat food and beverages will drive the growth of the liquid bag packaging market.
Demand for lubricants, paints and coatings is increasing.
Safe and convenient portability has had a positive impact on product demand in this area.
Sales of aseptic liquid packaging technology exceeded $3 billion.
Increased demand for packaging of sterile and sanitary products will drive demand.
The technology of filling out and sealing the form will witness more than 5.
As at 2024, the compound growth rate was 5% per cent.
With the rapid filling of food safety, the production efficiency has been improved and the development of the industry has been promoted.
In 2016, the market share of liquid small bags in Asia Pacific accounted for more than 35%.
Changes in income and demographic trends have led to an increase in consumer spending on packaged foods, which will drive growth in the industry.
Europe will witness more than five years.
As at 2024, the compound growth rate was 6% per cent.
Due to lifestyle changes, the necessities of small and convenient packaging solutions are factors driving the product range.
Raising consumer awareness of food safety in compliance with regulatory regulations will drive regional demand.
Due to the presence of regional manufacturers, the share of the global industry is scattered.
Leile International Co. , Ltd. , Dow Chemical, WeyerhaeuserCompany mofferkapa, Mondeo PLC, IMPAK, biomis, shuofkleininternational and Ampac are the main industries.
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2-way tensile polypropylene)
BOPP market size 2016-2024 (
2-way tensile polypropylene)
The BOPP market is worth more than $12.
In 2015, it was 5 billion, and the compound growth rate will exceed 5% by 2024.
The global two-way stretch polypropylene market size is mainly driven by the large demand for products in the fields of labeling, printing, packaging and laminating applications.
In 2015, the insulation industry as a whole generated $40 billion in revenue and will exceed $75 billion, which is expected to grow by more than 5% * coated paper market size by 2016-
The market size of 2024 coated paper is $39.
In 2015, it was 6 billion, with an estimated Compound annual growth rate of 4. 2%.
With the increasing popularity of internet trade and the popularity of household electronic equipment, the scale of the global coated paper market is expected to further expand.
These products have different texture and finishing quality, providing a variety of options for the packaging of each product.
Retail packaging is one of the key terminals.
Users of coated paper market.
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