Laminated kraft paper bag have the natural look that is becoming significant to many customers in today’s markets, with barrier feature for the oxidation proof and moisture proof, which brings natural effect and long shelf life for the products.


We are a prominent laminated kraft paper bag manufacturer, exporter and supplier from china, providing a highly qualitative range in the markets.Our bags are made of Kraft paper on the outside and PE/PP. They are usually for the packaging of coffee, tea, biscuits, candies and bulk products even non-food product, being designed to offer superior protection to any material through its strong design. Suitable for packing granular or pulverous material, these laminated kraft paper bags are made available in a variety of designs, colors and patterns.


We also provide kraft zipper pouch bags are consist of mutil-layers of materials. waterproof outside and anti-oil greaseproof layer inside, which suit for packing some oil contained snacks food products, for retail and storage. Both white color and brown color pouch bags are made of FDA approved food grade material. Both colors are come with various sizes from small to big to meet different food packaging or any other retail products packing requirements.

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